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Stick Welding: #1 Beginner Mistake and How to Fix It

There’s often only one thing going wrong and this might be it… Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), also known as Manual Metal …

32 thoughts on “Stick Welding: #1 Beginner Mistake and How to Fix It

  1. @TimWelds says:

    You can learn to weld. I'll show you exactly what to do in my affordable online welding courses at

  2. Thanks. Good info.

  3. Thanks for all the videos you post it’s helping me a lot!

  4. Is there an electrode that I can use on chromoly tubing using a regular stick welder? TIG is expensive because of that argon gas.

  5. @junior4246 says:

    hi tim great content, did you make the magnetic electrode holder ? or can you buy one ?

  6. @Rayden440 says:

    I'm no welder, but I do break out the welding machine once in a while because I work as a mechanic. It was my eureka moment when you showed me the end of the rod and said how some of the arc is actually hidden. I will use what I learned here on the next time I weld with stick!

  7. I'm 46, am I too old to learn stick welding and make a career out of it?

  8. I've got a portable 110V stick welder. Using 1/4in. #6011 rods. That constantly sticks, when trying to weld! My pieces are clean, I hold the rod about 45° and tried every amp setting. Sometimes quickly dragging the rod a few times helps. Any thoughts?

  9. @rizab660 says:

    Thanks for the video. A little handpainted pic could help for better understanding to the people with less english skills (like me:-)).

  10. I have not welded since high school. Thank you for putting these videos out. It’s a Great refreshing my memory. It’s harder now than I remember. Practice practice practice.
    I’m redoing a boat trailer and I’m trying the best i can. Hopefully I put the axle together straight and welds go solid. Thanks again
    Kurt. Nc

  11. @shadeburst says:

    No chit-chat and straight to the point. A lot of YouTubers could learn from you. The instructor was inspecting our welds and the first one he said, "Good penetration." The second he said, "Good puddling." He looked at mine and said, "Good god."

  12. @Noodlepony says:

    No one, absolutely no one
    welders :”so I’ve been welding for so and so years”

  13. This is the best instruction channel on YouTube. 👍

  14. Very very usefull, I¨m prepping to do my first stainless weld, I need to weld a tank for hydroprinting that I have shortend, wish me luck!

  15. @Reimalken says:

    Watching the failure examples, im pretty sure im not supposed to be thinking "hey, theyre better than mine!". Conclusion, i suck, welding is hard.

  16. I think I need more training to improve my skills.

  17. @casper1240 says:

    Very helpful thanks 😊

  18. say you have to stick weld patches in thin parts and the arch is melting the steel no matter how fast you go
    im better at mig, but this stick weld is making me kinda wanna quit welding

  19. @JeZZe26 says:

    First weld looked like a big time long arc!

  20. I noticed that to initiate an arc when the electrode is cold, you have to dial up the Amps and as it gets going and things start heating up, you have to keep a hand on the Amp dial while you're welding and dial it down pronto, otherwise you'll easily blow through the plates, has anyone here experienced this? I'm a hobbyist and I use 6013 and a 200A mini DC welder

  21. Today was my first time stick welding and i did a lot better thanks to your videos.

  22. Turn up welded roll it of thicker metal man turn it up i can weld weld it. Don't be scared turn it way up.

  23. @sambulate says:

    Thanks for this. I'm having an inordinate amount of trouble with positioning my body so that I can make it through an entire weld. (I have very short arms.) I find that every time, about a third or half-way through, I have to shift somehow to make the rest of the weld happen, which just makes the whole thing suck. It would be great to see an entire video on different body positioning techniques, even just for flat welds.

  24. If you're sitting indoors, at a bench, making 3" passes, you're not a welder – you're an art student..

  25. I ran my first beads today in class using the same sticks on 3/8” metal. But I kept having holes in places in my welds, is this due to moving too fast or I definitely know I had the stick too far away after watching this or a combination of both?

  26. haven't welding in 10 years. but this is a great reminder. thank you.

  27. Is learning welding hard? I'm about to start learning starting next month but im a bit slow so i wanna what im going to get into

  28. when i start to weld a angel iron that has holes in it when i weld it to my trailer why does the angel melts is it too hot I'm using 6011

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