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Power Foods for the Brain | Neal Barnard | TEDxBismarck

NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. The speaker makes assertions about a specific diet that lack …

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  1. In classroom today, they need a picture of the new food groups

  2. Brilliant 🎉👏👊🥳

  3. Magnesium in early life most people are magnesium deficient and feel it in later life

  4. I will stick to bacon and butter. I don't believe half of this stuff😂

  5. Just Take Walnuts For The Brain & Almonds For Heart !

  6. @AK-dz7we says:

    Not true, it is proven that people have to eat meat and healthy fats that are needed simply for our hormons and so on. Juices every day? To spike insuline and get the diabetes. Listen to dr. BERRY, dr. Berg, dr Cywes.

  7. The reason the American diet and most westerns/Europeans experience a lack of nutritional balance is because if the Puritanism. Look up how Puritans and their ideologies effected food and nutrition. Doesn’t any think it’s weird that for years when western media pushes the idea of “healthy eating” many of the meals are bland, lack color, and overall look lifeless? Then all foods from indigenous cultures and people of color is deemed unhealthy?

  8. Vitmain E, Anthocyanins – is additional antioxidants, and thery are not necesseray. We need to get primary antioxidant – glutathione – it is a primary antoixidant in human cells

  9. It's speech is a little bit a lie. Woman don't have enough iron, but they are get Alzheimer desesase too, and the risk are greater. Meat dont give enough iron, and give a small amount of cooper, but green plants gave a lot of cooper – because all greean is a cooper

  10. @Andy-jb8me says:

    There’s positives and negatives to every kind of diet (vegan, keto, Mediterranean, carnivore etc) but the modern food pyramid pushes carbohydrates and grains as a main source of nutrition, this is dangerous idea spread by big food corporations for profit. These processed carbs and grains are main cause of insulin resistance and are a huge reason for the obesity epidemic in America. Protein found in grains and nuts is not the same quality and does not have the benefits of protein found in red meat. Cholesterol is also demonized which is another problem as it is vital for health. I know there is so much dispute over nutrition online but overall balance is key and the less processed foods the better

  11. @RobertTC009 says:

    The TEDx talk – "How Our Belly Affects our Brain" is also outstanding and the perfect partner for this video. Learned a lot from the two videos.

  12. Correlational not causative. Over 80% of cholesterol is produced by the body, it isn't from diet. What was the entire lifestyle of the people who did not develop AD? What is the role of STRESS as to how it effects the brain, production of free radicals, the increase in cholesterol?

  13. One of the best TED talks ever…

  14. hi good speaker and classic sense of humor-—-Dressed very classic—plus so much great information–walking genius in this subject- watching from Hawaii why don't you further on with your research this information— and bring it up to date Info is over 7 years old—Believe me there is more out their for you to tell us–I will be waiting –Tricia In Hawaii

  15. he was talking about his father at the beginning and i suddenly remenbered my grandfather who just died a year ago because of the same memory problem

  16. The Note from TED only means Big Pharma can make $$$ from this approach…

  17. @kate8160 says:

    Well, only a few milligrams of iron are released by cast iron pan per a cup of food. Getting rid of such a great kitchen tool is ridiculous, especially considering more than billion people are iron deficient. And, the benefits of nuts and antioxidants for brain wasn’t a news even 6 years ago, when this was filmed. It’s a shame that this was the only grain of wisdom here 🤷‍♀️

  18. @floyd9578 says:

    Carnivore for life!

  19. yea they sued !!!!!!!!!

  20. I can relate. My mum passed away last March after 16 years of Alzheimer’s. Five year as a complete vegetable. She was diagnosed at 66, quite young actually. I was 34, too young to loose your mum, too young to parent a parent. All the women in her family died of the same illness. I became vegetarian (almost vegan) years ago, just by chance, then started running, cycling long distance. Again by chance. I didn’t know I was fighting my genes (and the fear, a paralyzing fear sometimes!!!) that way. I’ll keep eating a plant-food diet and exercise daily. Keep learning new things (my job helps luckily). I also stopped drinking alcohol and started meditating. Women in my family had bad genes, yes, but they never changed their lifestyle. I have. This is my personal bet I can fight my genes. I am fortunate enough to have access to this content as my English is near native levels. But many Italians can’t and I think they’re missing a lot of vital information. Thank you for your researches and for sharing. You and other like you (dr. Greger eg) can really change the life of people worldwide. And I also thank my mum who always encouraged me to study a lot and travel

  21. @Tash6143 says:

    It needs to be said that if you aren't using cast iron cookware, you should be using ceramic. Teflon is loaded with neurotoxin that go into your food every time you cook.

    Coconut oil has been proven to slow the progression of Alzheimers disease.

    The research that shows people who eat meat are unhealthy lump those with people who eat processed foods. Few studies have been done with people who have been eating a strict true ketogenic diet for a prolonged period. The few studies debunking keto have been over periods of months, often less than 6mo. This is not long enough to show a reversal of a lifetime of damage.

    The information here is a good start.

    If you want to support a group fighting the government misinformation, check out the Nutrition Coalition. Write your representatives and tell them you want real food in stores and stricter regulations on processed foods and sugar.

  22. Keto group left the room..

  23. Whole Foods
    Not man made
    Single ingredient items for the win

    Regardless of eating style will avoid the worst offenders.

  24. Absolutely woeful presentation, full of godawful information. Demonising meats, including organic organ meats and lard which are full of the minerals required for life, whilst not once mentioning the utterly detrimental effects of vegetable oils that were used for machines but shipped to human consumption and promoted as healthy is scandalous. Nor any mention of artificial sweetners. As for a plant based diet, we are designed to eat both vegetables and animals. Besides, the soil has been so stripped of mineral content that unless you have private lands and grow your own nutrient rich foods, you will be depleted (of among other essentials, magnesium, copper and boron).

  25. Thank you for your information

  26. I appreciate the content, but the way this guy speaks makes me want to punch him in the face. Like we're all intellectually challenged toddlers who won't understand what he's saying unless he demonstrates it with a little puppet show.

  27. Brilliant… and I wish if my dad listen to me. 😢

  28. @dawn8542 says:

    I have the same dream about talking to my dad about a whole plant based diet.
    He died at 48 of a heart attack.

  29. Dr. Pearson from the person Center has a two hour lecture on deficiency of thiamine

  30. @91tarza says:

    The truth is we do not need to eat animals & their products. Humans are the only species who steal milk from cows and drink it forever ! animal agriculture is cruel, useless, harmful to us and our planet … GO VEGAN 🌿🌿🌿

  31. Thanks for the the wonderful info God bless you

  32. Anthocyanins do not show antioxidant activity in the body. They are excreted rapidly in urine.

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  34. I live almost solely on red meat. So does my 83 year old dad. Fats are good for the brain.

  35. This concepts don't work More. Aré obsolet. Sorry

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