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Organic Coconut 🥥 Bulla//How To Make Coconut Bulla Recipe

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35 thoughts on “Organic Coconut 🥥 Bulla//How To Make Coconut Bulla Recipe

  1. I will definitely try these

  2. Young man. I love the way you prepare the ingredients for your coconut bulla. So I will try your recipe. Thank you

  3. Will this work with coconut flour as it has no gluten?

  4. Where you get that sugar to buy

  5. King and shay send mi.. good video great clarity

  6. First time seen coconut Bulla but it looks really delicious I will definitely try it 👍🏽

  7. Good morning my dear friend! Love the ginger bulla, but coconut bulla my be yummy definetly going to give it a try.. Thanks for sharing your tasty bulla recipe…

  8. Coming from Chef Ricardo Cooking

  9. @SweetFam says:

    I will be trying this as I know it must be so delicious..thanks for sharing

  10. @SweetFam says:

    New friend here..I hope to see you by my place 👍

  11. @SweetFam says:

    This must be so tasty..thanks for sharing

  12. @Foodatives says:

    Absolutely amazing
    Keep up the good work and delicious recipes 😍🛎👍✅
    Wishing you more success 😊👍🛎🤝keep connected 🙏

  13. Your recipe is delicious ..I can say Jamaicans are really good in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing

  14. @KEZYKORNER says:

    New to coconut bulla but i love bulla nevertheless so I'm diving in ❤

  15. I should try these out they look yummy 😍

  16. Yummy bulla look nice and delicious chef

  17. looks soo yummyy!! fully wtched and Likd! ;)) pls stay connectd! 😉

  18. Wow those coconut 🥥 bulla look very delicious Matt yummy 😋

  19. @EandSworld says:

    This snack is new to me but I guess Jamaica 🇯🇲 has a lot I have to discover

  20. It looks absolutely great…would love of those right now!!!

  21. That coconut bulla looks good leave mine big up br well done 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  22. Those look really delicious!! Nicely prepared Matt, will definitely try these in the near future!! Yuh gwan wid yuh self ❤

  23. @DreCooks says:

    A Very thought of recipe and well made . The result is superb. 🔥

  24. I love Bulla and avocado 🥑 so much
    Send 2 a them come game right away
    I will be definitely trying this recipe out

  25. Never heard of coconut Bulla but it sure looks delicious

  26. @TikiCooksTv says:

    Congrats on your monetisation 👏🏽 this was a good one. Would eat some now with some pear

  27. Look so tasty 😋

  28. I am going to try this coconut 🥥 version

  29. They are looking so delicious

  30. Looking yummy and delicious 😋

  31. This looks delicious bro I love seeing the ads

  32. @TheBakers5 says:

    This one new to me bro coconut bulla wonder how it taste.

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