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Just Add Eggs With Potatoes Its So Delicious/ Simple Breakfast Recipe/ 5 Mints Cheap & Tasty Snacks

Just Add Eggs & Potatoes Its So Delicious. Cheap and easy recipe. Simple and Quick Bachelor Recipe. Delicious potato recipe.

29 thoughts on “Just Add Eggs With Potatoes Its So Delicious/ Simple Breakfast Recipe/ 5 Mints Cheap & Tasty Snacks

  1. Potaot egg breakfast you make just Wanderful and delicious i will try this recipe

  2. Looks delicious. I will try it . thanks for sharing

  3. It sounds very good I want to be able to make different food's 😊

  4. That is a good recipe

  5. @DelphaToy says:

    This 13-Piece Cookware Set deal is amazing

    This guys is awesome. No stupid buzzwords, just an immaculate kitchen full of ingredients that he knows the life story of and artist chefs. We don't have places like this in Michigan, you guys are lucky. Man those plates of food look exceptional. The precision and care that goes into each dish… scallops stuffed with black truffle, wow. Dude's been working for Chef for 17 years – says it all. Just when you think you've seen the best episode of Mise En Place the next one is uploaded, please don't stop.

  6. @ManofPirate says:

    This isn't simple you nearly shredded your palms like 10 times this is not safe the potato constantly sliding out of your hand took you about 10 hours to shreds that potato some is prob shredded skin of your palm

  7. Amazing sharing video my dear 🥰👍👌🌹🌼🤝🔔

  8. @ben20007 says:

    Potatoes remain uncooked

  9. Morning breakfast loaded with cheese and butter is not recommended at all..

  10. @1967nedal says:

    Very tasty. Similar to a Palestinian dish called Mofarakeh.

  11. @Lana-mh7pe says:

    I knew it was more then eggs and potatoes 🥔 eggs, potatoes, cheese, green, Chilli powder, butter,

  12. @gravytdd says:

    This is definitely a nice breakfast recipe, but also definitely not 5 mins. Would definitely need to prep the night before. No doubt would be tasty and filling, but don't add a fast 5 min in the description when it's not. That's my only gripe about this. 😉

  13. @AtulK-nb7bj says:

    I love this recipe

  14. @AtulK-nb7bj says:

    That is not true@freakmonster

  15. @tubagul1369 says:

    Ye just egg's or potatoes he😂😂
    Jis me cheese with chilli bhi he

  16. انجن
    لیجلیکڈوڈز بجھ-

  17. the nutrient of potato was lost cause u washed it with water after scraping u must wash the potatoes before scraping wash the scraper well before using u can prepare it directly no need to wash anymore the nutrient is still intact

  18. That's such a clever idea and a really tasty looking recipe. I'll definitely be trying that one. It would be a pity to leave out the cheese even if it is 'optional'. Thank you for another inspirational recipe which isn't too complicated so that anyone can easily follow and understand.

  19. Thanks for sharing this 🙌 🎉

  20. My mother did this breakfast OFTEN in the 1980s when we were kids because it was easy and cheap. We didn't have much $$$.
    Her way was different. She would sautée sliced onions, cut potatoes in any shapes, quite thinly and fry. When potatoes are cooked, add beaten eggs and scrambled the eggs by turning these ingredients. Add salt.

    My sisters and I would add Maggie chilli sauce brand from the bottle for spiciness.

  21. Thanks for the recipe 😊

  22. Bullshit 🥱🥱🥱potatoes remain raw

  23. Yuck!! Egg's🥚recipe..🤮🤮

  24. Je tiens à exprimer ma gratitude pour votre excellent service lors de mon déménagement… Vous avez été incroyables!!!.

  25. Looks delicious. I will try it only. I will fry some bacon crumble it and throw it right on the batter.

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