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chickenstewrecipe #chickenstew #howtomakechickenrecipe #howtomakechickenstew Enjoy this tasty chicken recipe. There are a …


  1. I can’t just make gravy

  2. You don't ever pour water in a chicken stew. It kills the taste and flavor.

  3. Very very nice❤❤❤❤

  4. Eish mine was a disaster 😢

  5. Looks so amazing 👌👌👌👍 well prepared, well presented, perfect Job

  6. Yum looks very good! Will be trying

  7. @Tebza_Mdeva says:

    I'm glad we cook it the same way😂

  8. @MpumiKhoza says:

    Just cooked this for the second time this week its amazing😊😊babe I'm subscribing❤

  9. I cooked this last night and my son loved it.

  10. @KK-tt6ui says:

    I go to the Dominican and puerto rica. Shops to get this

  11. be my personal cheffplase

  12. I love you so much!!!!!!

  13. At first I was like wait is she not adding any tomatoes 😅, then I see you add them after the chicken has been cooking for some time.

    Definitely gonna try out the recipe, sadly don't have any stick cubes or soup packets, so we shall work with what we've got

  14. Making tomorrow thank you!!!

  15. food of is made so hygienically appears to be very neat and it looks so yummy.

  16. Loved this. We added half tblsp gravy granules and one wine stock pot to get it to our taste and will make it again. Thanks x

  17. 🌹🌹🌹👍👍👍

  18. When I saw you put beef stock I was like yeah that's just like me❤❤

  19. hi Nomhle, can i still use this recipe & instructions with chicken thighs ? thanks in advance !

  20. I just did this today and i must say it's delicious😭❤️‍🔥

  21. looks so yummy. Love your recipe.

  22. @Thomas_Somo says:

    I literally just made this dish taking every instructions, and the results?😭😭 Thank you so so much Ma'am for this recipe❤️❤️🙌🏽. I'm one person who knows nothing about cooking a chicken, but after today I'm definitely adding myself on the list of those who knows🤭🔥🔥❤️. Thank you once again. Short and straight forward video👌🏽. Keep it up

  23. Girl that’s going to be tomorrow night’s dinner with FuFu❤

  24. @justzoe8002 says:

    I’m 13 and prepared this for my family easy new delicious recipe thank you x 😊

  25. You saved this lil first year. Amazing🥹🫶🏾

  26. Delicious why thanks bbs

  27. what is "tasty chicken soup" mean?

  28. @lashame1 says:

    Haha proudly black and South African. If you know you know.

  29. I’m not sure what you meant by tasty chicken soup 🤔 but I’m gonna try making this it looks so tasty compared to the other recipes I’ve saw

  30. What heat do you have it on when leaving it all to cook for 20 minutes? 😊

  31. This is NOT how people in the south make chicken stew…

  32. What kind of stew is this…

  33. @DOTMH_1 says:

    What do you eat it with?

  34. Quick and easy, luv this!!! 😋

  35. @divine9520 says:

    Please help me im American is there any way i can make ogbono soup with american ingriediants? I really want to taste that soup with the fufu i have pounded yam flour now i just need the stuff to make the soup

  36. My family loves this recipe!😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  37. I'm a first year who wasn't able to cook, I swear you saved me!☺️

  38. Having this right now, Asbonge sis'wam!!! 😁😁

  39. I just made this and my partner is so amazed. Thank you so much

  40. Subscribed! I will try this tonight 🥰

  41. Hi, I was searching for chicken curry and found your recipe. Decided to subscribe even after just watching one video, this stew looks amazing, gonna make it for tonight's supper.

  42. I tried this last night, best chicken stew I’ve ever had!😍😍and so easy to make. Thank you Nomhle, love from Namibia.

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