"BREATHING TECHNIQUE" || workout series || తెలుగు లో || Telugu #fatloss #fitness #training

In this Video, we will learn how to imply a breathing technique while performing an exercise to create intraabdominal pressure …

20 thoughts on “"BREATHING TECHNIQUE" || workout series || తెలుగు లో || Telugu #fatloss #fitness #training

  1. Thank you for your information.worth watching your videos.proud of your professional ethics

  2. It’s very informative anna, but Chala length undi anna 🥺🥺🥺

  3. Thanks bro very good information

  4. Let me know your gym location

  5. @smokzgamer says:

    Bro fat loss chestunapudu 250+gms of carbs thinacaha

  6. A very underrated trainer. You deserve more anna ♥️♥️

  7. Bro Mee gym address enti

  8. Bro weight loss ke kadu weight gain kosam kuda videos kavali ….🤧

  9. Anna Mee Gym Address Cheppandi Anna

  10. Bro its valsalva maneuver

  11. @dathureddy says:

    Sorry for subscribing late. Always useful like ever

  12. Good Information 👍…
    Thank you Bro 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for the tips Anna . Worth subscribing to your channel and following on Instagram. iam going to follow it ❤️

  14. @GLMclicks says:

    Much helpful…Thanks bro!!!

  15. Hello anna I'm big fan for your reels I follow and see every reel of yours love from vizag boy anna🥰😍

    Question 1) anna when I was in gym how should I train first cardio or strength because I do both in same schedule but getting confused by all that first do cardio so that you will loose weight and do strength so you can tight up your body which has loosen by cardio and ||ly strength and cardio…

    Question 2) anna what should be the water intake when I was gymming I don't take water I only sip it after my strength and cardio done after few minutes time I will take water of 1 litre and also in house how much water should we drink I use to drink like 5 litres in a day is it good because many people say if you drink that amount of water you will end up with water weight and in next day gym you will loose it only not the body fat….

    Question 3) anna I am doing many stomach exercises(like leg raises, crunches, plank all 4 sets)but my belly fat is not loosed after joining cardio I loosed good weight in weeks and also with huge fat why it is happened because of cardio only need to mention at that time I only use to do strength training….

    Question 4) anna is it good to do overtraing such as I use to do strength (2 schedules (chest &tricep) like combination every day for 5 days in a week) and after 2 hrs of strength session I will do cardio (trendmill-20 mins(6mph), cross walk(15 mins), cycling(15 mins) ) so I am loosing huge weights in a month I have loosed like 6 kgs and my belly fat is also controlled but somewhere I have read that overexercising can lead to store fat instead of loosing it is it true??

    Question 5) anna as you mentioned in above video how to breath when I breath heavily in my strength or cardio session my stomach gets blown off it looks like all the fat I lossen got back how should I loose that blown air from my stomach and also is it good to take air from mouth or nose??

    Question 6) anna when in exercise when your set is over if you rest or sit on table then will you get fat because many people say that dont sit otherwise there is no use of doing gym please tell me is it right thing what they said???

    Anna please try to reply all those questions I know those are more questions but as a gym rat I want to know from the experienced,more knowledge from gym and lovable person like you please try to reply Anna love from vizag boy 😍🥰😍🥰❤

  16. @vishnuweb7 says:

    Bro please do video on mobility, pre and post workout stretch.

  17. @vishnuweb7 says:

    True gem of telugu fitness industry

  18. Core ela engage OKa video cheyyandhi…..

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