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41 thoughts on “6 Healthy Low Carb Recipes For Weight Loss

  1. It Looks good to me.😊

  2. The carb recipes are so good and amazing and nice. keep sharing such recipes more and more and a lot of love from planet ayurveda i really enjoyed the meal

  3. I’m so pleased I’ve found this channel I’ve found lots of things I was missing in my keto diet , thanks so much . ❤️

  4. @buntydec09 says:

    Thank you for sharing these recipes

  5. When you are about to cook and realized that you hv to cook for the family as well.. 😉

  6. Thank you for these lovely ideas.its difficult eating healthy after all the bad habits.

  7. There are some nice recipes here, especially with spinach. Thank you!

  8. I'm not understanding why you took the yolks out of the eggs just to put them back in?

  9. The first dish. 21 grams of carbs per small serving. Way to much!! That’s not low carb. No corn or sweet peas. Defeating the purpose.

  10. Stay away from corn and sweet peas. To much sugar.

  11. @ryanh4700 says:

    When I see cauliflower I am out

  12. For the first dish do you just sear the beef and bake in oven? Or cook all the way through? Doesn’t say how long to cook?

  13. Not much there for vegetarians or vegans

  14. Hyye do you want videography

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  16. I wonder why this site quit making videos. They had almost two million people watching. I have been searching for a low carb and less fat. I guess I can just read all the recipes.

  17. @icem6765 says:

    I could sub beef for chicken. that Sheppard's pie is looking good holy!

  18. @Jon-oz1il says:

    what type of knife is in the first video?

  19. I’ve just discovered your channel, what a great job you are awesome in so many ways, my hubby has just been diagnosed with T2D aged 71 & I’m on the hunt for suitable meals & you have blown my mind, not only have you got great recipes but you have written them out in your drop box & on top of that you have included nutritional information at the end of every recipe on your video & serving sizes AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! I’m now a new subbie & will be spreading your channel with others, thank you 😊 you are my saviour Yahoooo 🥰💝💖❤️🌹 sending hug hugs 🤗

  20. @jwoolridge says:

    The onion isn't red it's purple. I don't know why people say red!

  21. I only eatveggies, chicken and fish. so stop with the beef or other meat on my YouTube. It is very annoying. Thanks.

  22. Never seen these recipes before,incredible!

  23. If it shows all ingredients at the beginning,it will help lots

  24. What a great video of great recipes by the way i really like the music being played in the background

  25. @Angie-qp5ti says:

    Corn and carrots aren't low carb

  26. @jazzy9375 says:

    The fiber content on these recipes is 6g for the first and 0g for the second?? PASS

  27. Yeah the first one was NOT low carb…

  28. @tawlaq says:

    Thanks for the recipes with demonstration. It really took the guesswork out so that I can JUST DO IT!

  29. I love this…healthy recipes which are great ideas sprinkled with ads for an outdoor pizza oven…really?!?!

  30. @Kitchflix says:

    Oh myyy dat was awesome

  31. @linda3589 says:

    I think many people are comparing these recipes to the keto diet. If you approach them as coming off a unhealthy diet of bread, cakes, fried food, take aways etc, then they are lower carb options than you would normally eat, therefore healthier. I've started to reduce my carbs because of diabetes and try to choose healthier options which contain more fibre. So even though the peas and corn are classed as high carb on keto, your body doesn't absorb all as it's pooped out. They keep you fuller longer. I try to stick to meat, and veg, some containing complex carbs, and have lost weight

  32. nice guide, but need more flavours instead of pepper, salt and italian spices .. expand this a bit.. maybe some asian or indian spices too.. 🙂

  33. Carrots, green peas, corn in keto????????

  34. That looks so delicious 😋👌🤩

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