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15 Quick Breakfast Recipes For Babies & Kids/ 6Months-2Years Baby Food/ Breakfast Recipes for Babies

1. Rava Upma (6+ Months Baby Food) 2. Sweet Potato & Banana Puree(6+ Months Baby Food) 3. Red Rice Porridge (6+ Months …

33 thoughts on “15 Quick Breakfast Recipes For Babies & Kids/ 6Months-2Years Baby Food/ Breakfast Recipes for Babies

  1. Very useful recipes tq madam

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing recipes. Really helpful

  3. Babyku ena oats use pandringa mam

  4. Very useful recipe for new moms and new grandmothers

  5. Very nice recipe ..thank you so much

  6. can you use yam as potatoes

  7. Hai mam my baby is now 2 year , she is very lean , and she is not eat very well, in this age how much weight she should have??pls tell me , how to increase my baby weight??

  8. Very very useful for my 9months baby …ivalo days ah I have more confuse about baby food im very happy. ..thank you so much 🙏😍😍

  9. Romba romba Nandri mam. Ennaku 2 babies so 1st Thani Thani cook panuva epa 2ndu perukum onena cook panira Unga videos romba helpful la eruku 1st baby morning 7.30 school pova so entha food avaluku easy ya eruku sapda and en friends kum share pana avangalum thanks to u

  10. All recepies are very rich vitamins, minirals, calcium etc…Tqq dear….iam also use for my baby….

  11. 7months baby ki petocha

  12. MA papa ki ghee padatam ledhu….. Miru e recipe lo am ghee vaduthunnaru…. Jaggery ante sweet aa plz na doubt ni clear cheyandi

  13. Shall I give all these recipes to six months baby?

  14. Super ideas, plz let us know all these foods can give to 8months old babies

  15. @tejteju5780 says:

    Super recipes mam,very useful .few days ago i started my baby solids,.how many times in a day should I give him solids like this recepiea?!

  16. @Angel-yk1wk says:

    Which Dates syrup r you using mam?

  17. Like oats we can dry roast and grind the poha and we can store?

  18. Red rice from which month we can give?

  19. Amazing receipes akka quick dinner receipes upload pannunga

  20. Intha season la sweet potato kudukalama cold Agatha sis ?

  21. Which banana you using the rava banana porridge

  22. Sis put some recipes for teething baby…like teething sticks

  23. @Anuriya427 says:

    Rompa useful dear 🥰🤩

  24. Mam my baby is 15 month old bt he is not eating food nt even taking in his mouth only breast milk I m trying ur all recipes bt he is not eating plzz help I m in tention mam

  25. Super madam really tqs for the videos im big fan of u

  26. @gngn3821 says:

    Hi sis sweet potato babies ku tharalama gas form agatha

  27. All videos I'm watching really 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 🙏

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