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Will Medical Marijuana Affect My Social Security Disability Case?

Will Medical Marijuana Affect My Social Security Disability Case? While every fact scenario is different and should be analyzed on …

6 thoughts on “Will Medical Marijuana Affect My Social Security Disability Case?

  1. @Jay1313 says:

    My second hearing just became an all of battle royale all behind marijuana 😓 I wish I never knew what it was. Only used it for depression but they've made me feel my claim was blown because of this

  2. @Hitech82 says:

    It's 2022 I am a 100% DAV
    I have PTSD and chronic pain. DDD and DJD. I live in Virginia medical and recreational is legal. I was prescribed opioid and other mood altering drugs. My phycatrist RX's me for medical marijuana. I have been able to come off the drugs that are damaging my kidneys with medical cannabis. Will this effect future reviews?

  3. Ok I’m on ssdi for 4 years can’t work I have a brain disorder and Extreme ptsd but will it mess up my ssdi benefits or can I even get it

  4. The power structure has always demonized pot smokers. Everyone I've ever encountered denies smoking pot in the face of officialdom. It is never wise to snitch on yourself for any reason. Ever. That said the SSA has been awarding pot smokers benefits since its inception as long as the applicant does not give them a reason to deny benefits. It is well settled that marijuana is illegal under federal law and any legality under state law is not a defense in the federal sphere. Do not open the door to more War On Drugs oppression by snitching yourself off for smoking pot when common sense dictates otherwise.

  5. @swordlily99 says:

    Great video, thank you! I'm a recreational user who just paid to get my medical card. I had brain tumor that impacted my whole body, it twisted & bent my spine and herniated most of my disc's. I also tried to jump out of moving vehicles and would forget how to get home from work. Once the brain tumor was out, I no longer have the illness but I am disabled. I also have a laundry list of mental disorders from mental and physical abuse (I was raised in a cult, constant death threats from school bullies but I had to "turn the other cheek") and having such a traumatic disease(Cushing's). I was 365lbs and dying…a dr told me it was impossible to have a brain tumor that causes obesity bc its so rare. The coetisol/adrenalin was about 10x what it should've been. Every single time I don't used cbd or thc I don't sleep and I struggle. With it, I have now lost 135lbs. I am hoping the judge will see just how much I long to get better. I miss my career so much but I have had nothing but complications from pneumonia, blood clot in my eye, cracked teeth, shredded tendon, deformed feet, twisted herniated spine. The list goes on. I just had pelvic and kidney surgeries bc I get chronic abnormal labs and infections. I am only 40 and have been rejected 2x. (I'm a girl too and Cushing's gave me a full beard, I get so Paranoid bc of it🥸😪) I'm really tired of selling everything I own. I'm just so tired 😫

  6. So basically only pills are OK I'm assuming.

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