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TOFU 7 WAYS (Vegan recipes) – Đậu phụ 7 món | Helen's Recipes

Tofu 7 ways! Tofu isn’t supposed to be boring at all! In this video I share with you 7 vegan tofu recipes that are super simple to …

30 thoughts on “TOFU 7 WAYS (Vegan recipes) – Đậu phụ 7 món | Helen's Recipes

  1. This vegan 🌱 tofu of all 7 are good 👍🏻 😊 😌 on diets to gain weight

  2. That beef wrapped in leaves one reminds me of a very popular greek dish called dolma, where you wrap seasoned rice and meat in grape leaves. It's delicious and very satisfying.

  3. I like that these seem accessible to many peoples’ traditional taste profiles…

  4. I asked for vegan oyster sauce in several asian stores here in Germany and they all told me to take mushroom sauce. Is is the same?

  5. I wish I had seen your channel 3 years before when I started to live in Vietnam.

  6. Number six is incomplete as there’s no pineapple listed in the ingredients, also what oil do use that’s authentic Vietnamese

  7. Hola puedes hacer la receta con subtítulos en español?

  8. Hola puedes dar los ingredientes en español?

  9. Con trẻ mà rất giỏi
    Món chay con làm hấp dẫn quá

  10. Thank you for including vegan yummies.

  11. I really enjoyed this video. Thank you!

  12. @Nour768 says:


  13. Gonna definitely try some of these recipes! Thanks a bunch!

  14. I'm sorry but deep fried tofu + peanut butter, good bye healthy lifestyle! Why not to go vegan AND healthy?

  15. Il ove tofu thanks for this.

  16. Please let us have some recipes WITHOUT SUGAR.

  17. All of these "celebrities" with money to burn, lack discipline, in their dietary endeavours.
    Oprah, Al Roker, Wynonna Judd and Ann Wilson.
    Yet every January, in PEOPLE Magazine, you hear of normal people, with normal money, achieving their weight loss goals.
    Why is that? 🙂

  18. Tofu is the easiest way to lose weight.
    No calorie counting or any of that.
    Just eat it constantly and your dreams of a thinner you, will become true!

  19. @Joey-jw6ym says:

    Do you ever freeze your tofu to get a more meat like texture?

  20. Love your recipes, I will use everyone of them. Thank you.

  21. You got a new subscriber 🙂
    I love Vietnamese food.

  22. @a.b.3810 says:

    Fab Helen 🍝🍲🍛 and so relaxing 😊will try each recipe 🙏

  23. @prabhuremit says:

    Yes you are good. More vegan recipes. You are simple n easy to follow.

  24. Thank you for the simple, delicious vegetarian options! Very well done

  25. Salamat sa 7ways of cooking tofu.

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