Easy Snacks

rating late night snacks👀 #shorts #nyc

23 thoughts on “rating late night snacks👀 #shorts #nyc

  1. Hey. Jesus loves you all and cares so much. Trust in Him always and follow Him with your whole heart. He will not let you down because He will always be there for you and with you!!!!!

  2. Your drunk🥴😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  3. The way she chews got me…💀💀

  4. Is this a green screen?!?

  5. Talkies should be 30000/10

  6. Can someone tell me why she bite the rice krispies like that?

  7. You Should Close Your Mouth

  8. @ShinexRxses says:

    NO NO NO THE FORST ONE U DID IT WRONG ITS you cook the pasta yk and after u drain the water you add shredded cheese and tomato sauce then you mix it and watch as it melts😍

  9. @emmybowers says:

    POV she was drunk during this video 😮

  10. Her:shakes the coke aggressively while opening


    Coke:doesn’t fizz everywhere


  11. @jaeseaj says:

    This is a really conflicting video. There's something about the way this very pretty girl slurps that pasta off the fork that scrapes across her teeth that is really off-putting. And that's BEFORE she smacks and tries to chew-talk with food in her mouth.

  12. Its not even spicy at ALL

    Meanwhile her face turning red

  13. This is smacksmacksmack so good smacksmacksmack

  14. @Its_Ari247 says:

    “This so good!” Gives it a Flipping 7/10

  15. her white teeth: ✨ ✨✨

    Takis: 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 ✨ ✨ ✨

  16. takis are love takis are life

  17. Damn the Takis got a fucking 9?!?

  18. Girl: Rating my midnight snack.
    Me: girl obviously there going to be good that's why you eat it at night! right? 💀💀

  19. She looks so pretty man keep her a secret.

  20. I personally want to like talkies or however you spell it but it takes me like 10 minutes to build up the courage to eat it and then I’m sitting in my chair dying drinking so much water and again I understand that lots of people like talkies

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