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FAQ About CBD for Pets!

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6 thoughts on “FAQ About CBD for Pets!

  1. Hi Angie. I love your videos! I have a question. How long would it take till one can see an improvement in the number of cat seizures? We have a kitten with secondary epilepsy, I' have been giving him 0,6 mg CBD daily since three days, but the number of seizures has not changed…Am I just too inpatient or shall we go for the phenobarbital that we finally got from the vet?

  2. My 10yo sweet boy cat Widdles has feline aids and has started having ongoing skin allergies. He licks himself raw. He bites and licks all day, it causes me stress to see his discomfort. The vet gave him a shot (prednisone) and antibiotics. But nothing’s changed. Anything I use topically he licks off. I love him dearly and I need to find him relief. This is expensive product, but I would sacrifice groceries if this would help heal his itchy skin 😖

  3. Dr. Krause , I have a female kitty age 9 yrs ,spayed. She has ear mites so bad it causes pain and she shakes her head so hard it is causing sub hematoma. Every Vet has prescribed pesticides for ear mites nothing works plus she has had a really bad reaction to all of them. I am desperate to get her some relief. Is it possible to use CBD oil for ear pain and to maybe suffocate the ear mites at same time.? I am running out of options for her and woth her age do not want to risk making her sick from the pesticides again. Please help. Any suggestion for a natural safe way to rid of ear mites and stop pain for her. THANK YOU

  4. Great info Dr. Angie! Just want to add that CBD did effect how my DAD'S anti seizure med worked (although he was prescribed Gabapentin off label for his back pain…he doesn't have seizures…). However, when he took CBD it intensified and prolonged the "high" that Gabapentin produces, and made him anxious and uncomfortable~

  5. Awesome Stuff. Just woke up and saw this Video. let's build each other up O_O

  6. @MsSoozy says:

    CBD truly is expensive and I do hope it comes down because it works but I can't use it all the time, I skip a day sometimes. For myself I need a bit of THC for it to work for me. I am a firm believer in going natural and CBD is amazing. I am a pensioner and really have to be careful but this is important for my Chihuahua boy, he does so well on it for his arthritis. It worked amazing on my 14 1/2 year old Boston for arthritis before diabetes took him. Thank you Dr Angie for being a veterinarian that is all for CBD!! I am glad you are feeling better. Crossing fingers you continue to feel better. 🙂 Hugs and much love from Victoria, BC Canada.

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