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Eat this on your period | healthy snack hack

These avocado chocolate truffles are such a great fresh summer sweat tooth treat! What I love about them is that they contain …

35 thoughts on “Eat this on your period | healthy snack hack

  1. Avocado and chocolate?

  2. that’s three ingredients.

  3. i may be a kid but ill still make them 😁

  4. @Itsmehi456 says:

    Literally 3 ingredients. THREE. 3️⃣. 3. Not two.

  5. It tastes so good thank you for making this video😊❤

  6. It tastes so good thank you for making this video❤

  7. Chocolate increase your flow…pls avoid Chocolate on those days..eat hard boiled eggs…instead or fry them with sesame oil…….best remedy for a smooth period

  8. Iam a man but I love to try these

  9. @MEPS2010 says:

    Bro thanks for this I’m literally on my . So thanks

  10. "Two ingredients"…then uses three😂

  11. @Trinitieee says:

    Gosh dang it im allergic to frickin avocados

  12. Does Maltesers chocolate powder for hot chocolate drink work?
    Also does nutella work for the melted chocolate?
    I really want to try this for my dad

  13. Meanwhile :Indians using bournvita as coco powder (like me 😂)

  14. That’s a version of what in Brazil we call Brigadeiro

  15. 3 ingredients: avocado, chocolate, cocoa powder

  16. @76fane says:

    What chocolate did you put at the beginning

  17. @Caliidrk says:

    “Chocolate truffles” me oooh im intrigued “avocado” me:nvm bye✌️

  18. Perfect! Now I'm only left with 2 ingredients!

  19. Thanks so much 👍👌

  20. @owlic227 says:

    you showed like 5 ingredients

  21. @LivieBaby says:

    I would but then I'm too lazy to cook during my period😭

  22. @SushiCoral says:

    Isn’t that 3 ingredients

  23. Not to be rude but there is 3 not to be rude😊

  24. Me having latex allergies

  25. Don't eat avocado ….it is killing 1000s or more bees

  26. @x5hxxrp says:

    What is the gi on them

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