Bakeey T1 Thermometer, ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Fitness/Health Band: Unboxing & 1st Look

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49 thoughts on “Bakeey T1 Thermometer, ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Fitness/Health Band: Unboxing & 1st Look

  1. Please how would I charge kw19 smart watch

  2. I’m going out for 😅

  3. What's the application name I want to pair to my phone

  4. It doesn't turn on for mime

  5. @abcdigs says:

    Hello great toturial, can you please tell me how do i reset the number of steps? it's showing way to more steps than i did, like 5000 steps wich is not accurate with the ones i did, thank you in advance!

  6. A watch that shows blood preassure correctly. Thanks

  7. Hi, do u know how to change the temperature mode from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

  8. @rkkoka says:

    I bought one from Wal-Mart . Received about a fortnight ago as my whose supposed reach India was got stuck could only reach about 20 days ago. I found that after use for 15 days the system does not show B.P, ECG BPM. i could not set it right. I rescanned the app and other things possible but it not working for the above mentioned items. I bought this on the basis of your comments in the youtube. Can you help me how to set it right or how to reach the the manufacturer.

  9. @Benmostfa says:

    Vous n'avez pas parlé de GPS ?

  10. These watches don't appear to do a proper ECG. The profiles they generate look nothing like an ECG in my opinion.

  11. Can you please compare the measurement with real medical instruments?

  12. Hi, I’ve been struggling to pair this band to the app. Up to yet I haven’t been successful, how is this done please

  13. @Xiquet25 says:

    Nice review dude! In Chile the price is almost two times anyway is a good chance.
    Do you know if possible to add a vibration alarm during sleep monitoration to avoid apnea?

  14. Hello.. im looking for blood pressure smart watcch. Any idea for one that have quite accurate ?

  15. One of the most important features, is the Wearfit 2.0 capability to do realtime readings with the optical sensor. That is why I like it!
    I recommend to check if the watch dial showing the heart rate works pressing the realtime reading of the optical heart sensor in the app.
    Another question, you can check and report :), if using google Wear OS detect that watch or if google can use any sensor apart from the stepmeter sensor?
    I'm a Wearfit 1.0 user wearing a F1 band, I want to know if the Wearfit 2.0 app shares info with google fit. That T1 looks perfect as an upgrade…

  16. Coloquem legenda em português

  17. @myemperor says:

    Thanks…. but I seem to have missed how to print the ECG pdf. What's the video mark?

  18. @51angelic says:

    Can anyone tell me why the data on my band is not synch ing with my phone it was fine and now it’s not I notice the version says 0 were as it did say 12 is it stuck it says it’s connected I’ve deleted it and reloaded it Also the ecg icon has disappeared from its screen ??

  19. For bakeey which type would you recommend for best feature and accurate result?

  20. @EireMossie says:

    Hi there, I loved the tutorial very concise and accurate, do you know how to set the time on the device, it's just not pairing correctly to my fone, can it be set manually. Kind regards Kieran Morris

  21. @7Oos29 says:

    ECG dosen't available on the app 😓
    What is the solution plz

  22. @ajarnthomas says:

    Found a secret function. Both of the electrodes on the back of the T1S act as thermal sensors. The top one takes body temperatures, while the bottom one measures ambient temperatures. That's why there are two new time screens, or themes. The first one with an animated image of taking the temperature of a man's forehead shows body temperature. If the bracelet is removed from the wrist, this screen will not show a temperature. Instead, it will display the word "Lo." The second screen with an image of a mid-rise building and trees shows the ambient temperature. This new function was advertised for the T5, but first appeared in the T1S.

  23. Does this band have a swimming function? It’s advert info says it does.

  24. @ajarnthomas says:

    There is now another version called the T5. It drops the ECG function (and metal electrode plate on front) but adds a thermometer sensor that can take the temperature of milk, food, air and water besides he body , more sports modes like rope skipping and weather info and forecast.

  25. Hi Mr. Ticks, do you know how to change from fahrenheit to celcius?

  26. Well I had 10 days of use. Won't start and won't charge up. 🙁

  27. @htcpalmare says:

    this watch have italian language? sorry for my english 🙂 thanks

  28. How do you set the time and date on the bracelet

  29. Does that watch give you a TWENTY minute warning if you are having a heart attack in advance

  30. @TheLezwoymn says:

    Does it work with older andriod Samsung Galaxy S series phones? I have an S7

  31. Where you shown how to sync??

  32. Hey! Great tutorial video! I just got this watch. It worked perfectly for about two weeks. It has a face that shows you your current temperature and digital time. I keep doing a long hold but it wont vibrate or change faces. It sort of turns off and on again. I also try to tap once and a time to see its different functions and it won't chance at all. I tried running out it's battery hoping it will reset, but I am still stuck in the same situation. Do you know how I can reset my watch, or where I can get some help? I would really appreciate it

  33. @ajarnthomas says:

    The latest app update brought intrusive banner ads towards the bottom of the homepage with a big button saying “Install”. Also, tapping a tile sometimes takes you to a full-page ad that you can’t escape from without advancing to the next page of the ad. You could easily download an unwanted app inadvertently.

  34. @ajarnthomas says:

    T1S vs T1. There are two changes I have found so far. Two dial faces have been added, giving five in total. The two new ones show the current body temperature in huge numerals. The temperature sensor is now on permanently. That allows for the two new dial faces. Also, when you proceed to the Temperature reference screen on the T1S, the temp appears automatically. There is no longer any need to long press. When the "body temperature" tile on the app's homepage is tapped, there are no longer hourly readings. Instead, you will find a shaded line chart.

  35. @ajarnthomas says:

    Today two functions started working. Now the sleep time (duration) shows up on both the Sleep tile on the app's homepage and the Sleep screen on the T1S. But later the screen went back to 0. Also the Find (phone) option under Function on the T1S now rings the phone.

  36. I got it from , Iam using it for more than one month ,it's really cute and easy to use ,battery can stay 2-3 days with me , water resistant, the two things that I can talk about it is the BP not really accurate ,same for the ECG .Otherwise it's good in total ..thank you for this cute smart band Bakeey.

  37. @MarcelTaube says:

    I have this watch. Can I turn off the wrist auto on? At night I wake up when I move?!? 🙁

  38. @ajarnthomas says:

    To get weather info, turn on GPS/location on the phone. The weather info shows up only on the Time screen of the T1S. It does not appear on the app. Unfortunately, the air temperature is in Celsius. The weather forecast is indicated by a stationary icon at the far left of the first line on the Time screen.

    On the homepage of the app, the big tile at the top shows Steps. But you can replace that tile with another tile, like Heart Rate, by dragging the small tile up to the top. Likewise, the order of all the tiles can be rearranged by moving them around.

  39. Do you have to have cellular connection to set up this Smart Bracelet as mine will not set up to my ipad.

  40. How the prosses Bluetooth Canention for the device this device name is opta sb 209

  41. @fmapti8245 says:

    Greetings! Please, I bought this smartwatch, I liked it, I found most functions very accurate, but I bought it to use for running! But his sporting functions are ridiculous! It does not monitor vital signs, or at least the heartbeat! Do you have a way to use your watch to monitor vital signs during exercise? I am running and leaving in the continuous capture of heartbeat to monitor … but it is not at all practical! And another problem is the most serious … he reads the beats relatively well during the day, but when I run … it is completely inaccurate, sometimes even low! Is someone suffering the same as me? Any ideas what to do?!? Thank you!

  42. Do you know how to set the km to miles for distance when on the watch I tried the app but I couldn’t find how I was wondering if you knew?

  43. How can I set the time on the watch

  44. @abhishektul says:

    What is your opinion about its accuracy after using it now ?

  45. @tony69em says:

    You can convert from centigrade to farenheit in the app.

  46. @MXb7R says:

    Which one is bitter this one or spaven blade?

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