Assembly Guide: Magnetic Elliptical Machine SF-E3912 | Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness #Assembly Guide for Magnetic Elliptical Machine SF-E3912 This video will show you how to assemble …

11 thoughts on “Assembly Guide: Magnetic Elliptical Machine SF-E3912 | Sunny Health & Fitness

  1. @Barnacle121 says:

    Nice and easy to follow instructions thanks!!

  2. @Ken-rq3yl says:

    I started assembly using only the instruction manual and at first thought that it's not too bad, however, when it came time to put together the swing-arms and peddles it started to go downhill. I found this video and it brought absolute clarity to the instructions. As an engineer who often reviews technical manuals, the folks behind the video really nailed it.
    My second comment is the pallet which held all the fasteners. It was very clever of the manufacturer to place the fasteners to the related description of the fastener, as well as point out the step in the manual related to which fasteners to use. I've never seen this done before and it was a stroke of nothing short of genius. IKEA should use your example 😉
    So far, after one day of use, we are happy with this product.

  3. @jfinity_362 says:

    My bar keeps sliding from left to right. Screws are all correct.

  4. @ct9375 says:

    Thanks for the instructions. Very easy to follow. Got mine set up in about 35 mins. This machine is smooth but def feels wobbly. Any suggestions to make it less wobbly. I'm afraid to go hard as I don't want to tilt over

  5. @jbf3953 says:

    How do you set the time on this thing? LIke if I want to use it for 25 min. I cannot figure it out

  6. All this work and an E-1 error code out of the box!! 😡

  7. @atyndzik says:

    THANK YOU!! Sooo helpful!

  8. Thank you! Very helpful!

  9. where is the part 17 i mean the Axis

  10. Omg that goodness you have tutorials! I started my elliptical at 1pm, it is now 6pm. LOL The instructions got confusing so I’m glad you have a YouTube channel to follow along. 👍🏻

  11. Mi bisicle sunny 1711 la compre hace memos de un mes y empeso hacer un ruido como por el volate como si algo estubiera haciendo fricion o raspando.

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