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15 MIN UPPER BODY WORKOUT (Back, Arms, Shoulders & Chest)

15 min total upper body workout at home with dumbbells! This killer circuit targets the back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest!

43 thoughts on “15 MIN UPPER BODY WORKOUT (Back, Arms, Shoulders & Chest)

  1. @MadFit says:

    Happy Monday! Starting this week off with this killer upper body circuit 👏🏼🔥 grab a pair of dumbbells, and let’s get to it! Let me know how you enjoyed this one Xx – Maddie

  2. Thank you for helping me work off all the Christmas helpings! 🤣

  3. If pushups are too hard for you (they are for me rn) wall pushups are a great alternative until you can rock those pushups! Keep working at it!

  4. I really like the variety in this one – most sets have more than one move. Been in my arm rotation ever since you uploaded it! ☺️❤️

  5. You might recommend ways to go to easier pushups mid-set. I dunno which pushup variation to use for 40 seconds on round 3 after lots of triceps…

  6. @anaisgc3570 says:

    Demasiada repetición…

  7. This was amazing! Cant wait to start increasing weight with it:)

  8. I rescued a French Bulldog 4 years ago. They are good dogs but require a lot of attention. They are too cute.❤😊

  9. i cant do the shoulder workouts without bending my back forvard. what do i do

  10. @looveme2692 says:

    love super sets like this! perfect for those needing just the right amount of intensity

  11. Do this work out help to loose arm fat

  12. Every week it gets a bit easier to do this workout. I just finish it, and will do the 100 squats.

  13. I got a burn in my triceps

  14. Hi Madi. First time with you. Did a 30m cardio HIIT before this. Loved the ranges of motion. Good muscle-building workout for biceps, triceps & shoulders. The audio/mic level for your voice seems relatively low so I turned on the captions so that I could follow better. Thanks for the workout. Thank you for including a cooldown in the description section.

  15. @bongteez says:

    This is the best arm strength training I found. Omg my arms are on fire. Going to do it daily.

  16. maddie, thank you, you've made me love working out! i've noticed such a difference in my body since i've been following ur videos since earlier this year. I've never felt so strong – especially in my arms, which has always been a weak spot for me! thanks for making exercising so accessible and fun! :p

  17. hallelujah! keep spreading the truth, may God bless and protect each one of His servants 🙏🏼 we’re blessed to be His children

  18. It was good! Thank you 🙏I will back in 1 month and 3 to tell you how was it. Today I'm 68.9kg… Let's see!

  19. Wow such a nice workout … thanks

  20. I love your workouts.

    Please change the music.

  21. First day impressions:It arrived in a waist high box. Each dumbbell was in its own foam box within the shipping box. Everything was secure and in good shape. No weird smells. The weight changing mechanism is really smooth and straight forward. Changing weight is really fast and easy. Though the handle is plastic, I don't think it will be breaking anytime soon. So far pretty impressed after my first session with them. I was afraid they were going to be too wide at first, but I didn't have any issues with them while doing upright rows.

  22. @cocky633 says:

    Thank you! 8/11/23

  23. Love your videos. Very easy to follow, thank you!

  24. All my appreciation 😘

  25. Great workout. I am feeling that. Thank you!

  26. @Rinaa11214 says:

    This was perfect, more upper body workouts w weights pleasee <333

  27. I was about to quit on that last round of pushp ups, but you told me not to.

  28. Omg 😅😅😅 that was awesome thank of youyou 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  29. @notcinna541 says:

    this is the only workout vid I follow when training my upper body, at home. I've seen some muscle growth and definition, thank you for sharing this with us. ❤

  30. @immafox1496 says:

    summer goal: do this with no problems with 1kg wights 🤭

  31. This is great. I loved doing it with you. Very motivating. My fave on YouTube so far.

  32. now off for a run. thank you

  33. @jimena4568 says:

    Day 2
    Obviously I can’t see a lot of change cause it’s day 2 but I will keep uploading 🙂

  34. Great workout….thank you

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