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Soft dosa recipe|| dosa|| breakfast recipes

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  1. Can someone pls help me with the ingredients was not able to catch it properly

  2. Thankyou I certainly try to make your recipe dosa ❤

  3. @charu3931 says:

    Y always incomplete videos ?? Where is grated coconut here ???

  4. @aasi3870 says:

    Raw rice or borboiled rice ?

  5. Could you give us the actual list of the recipe for the cooking. The recipe disappear before noting down .✍️Hoping to give all the best information. Thanks for your kind explanation

  6. @Momota444 says:

    Essy recipe apu agiya jan ❤

  7. I tried….but it came out like rubber…mayb it's the problem with my rice…idk but thanx anyway!!!😊❤

  8. @swathi2540 says:

    I thought I would try this dose, as it looks finger licking good. I did the same as mentioned in the instructions, My batter did not even ferment half a cm the next morning, even though the weather was hot, the batter was kept in a warm place to ferment, and none helped, and I followed the recipe to T. I wonder if only raw rice and cooked rice is enough to cause fermentation process.

  9. Did you aad yeast or baking soda for farmentation?

  10. Namaskarra Ma'am, Tried to prepare this recipe with your updated version however, after keeping overnight, the batter failed to ferment. What went wrong ? Normally the Urad Dal, helps give rise to the batter and aid fermentation. In the absence of Urad dal, can I either use , Yeast , or Baking soda or Instant Eno ? Could anyone comment on this please ?

  11. Namaskarra Ma'am. Thank you very much for re- editing and inserting Important information regarding the weight or by volume of the ingredients in the clip. Thanks once again, and appreciate your response. 😊

  12. Its not mentioned what kind of rice has been used, raw rice or boiled rice

  13. I'm a Mumbai born of Mangalorean descent, I do like recipe from Karnataka, however, I neither know or understand the language. It's important if you want your recipes to be tried and shared by other Indians, then Do make it a point to mention the exact ingredients by weight or volume in English as majority of Indians understand. I ve tried the recipe by trial-and-error method watching the video clip over and over again, but failed to match the way it's done, Well, I'm 67 +, and cooking and trying other state's cuisine is my passion.

  14. Awesome doft dosas,will try it

  15. ഇതിന് ദോശ എന്ന് പറയില്ല അപ്പം എന്നേ പറയൂ

  16. Chinna పిల్లలకు బక్క గా ఉండే వాళ్ల కి preferable as rice substitute లావుగా ఉన్న వాళ్లు షుగర్ పేషెంట్ తినక పోవడమే మంచిది but సద్ది annam waste avvakunda మంచి receipe good idea andi seems tasty too

  17. ❤❤❤❤ suppar

  18. Aap ismein kya kya dalte hain please bataen

  19. 👌👌👌👌First time viewer.
    New Subber 👍👍👍👍

  20. @lewisida says:

    Please show me how the dosa rice looks like PLEASE

  21. తెలుగు లో పెట్టాండి

  22. @vaniv4563 says:


  23. @tharanis362 says:

    Hello !
    Raw rice or parboiled rice ?
    Thank you

  24. Thank you so much🙏💕

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