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POV: The Best Midnight Snack 🤤

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43 thoughts on “POV: The Best Midnight Snack 🤤

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    Perfect for all of the ice lovers! 🧊😋


  3. No but if u put some juice or soda before freezing it and then put it in the freezer and when it’s frozen u smush it so it like a slush

  4. The real question is do you suck on em or crunch on em?🧊

  5. Not the best cuz it will mess up ur teeth and also the crunch will wake up your mom

  6. Me eating ice laying down at 10 and starts chocking AMAZING when that happens ✨✨

  7. @Alexiaa487 says:

    I love ice but it hurts my teeth so i eat the soft kind

  8. @mrtrixi6 says:

    Nah that emoji is killin me😂

  9. You know my mom could hear that tho

  10. Me to bro me to but i had cravings for ice and it turned out my iron levels where extremely low

  11. Kid :mom what is for dinner mom: ice kid: WTF mom:hEHeHeHeEh

  12. My only question , how did he freezed it?

  13. mor like how to wake up ur parents at night👹💀

  14. @Lekehall12 says:

    Please slushy I subscribe

  15. @JSKASPF says:

    WE’RE WAKING UP OUR PARENTS WITH THIS ONE 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. The loudest midnight snack

  17. If that’s ice, that’s bad for you because that could make your teeth doesn’t look right anymore ok so stop eating it or you could have those broken teeth SORRY

  18. Me: CRUNCH
    my mom:🥱😱👟👟😡👋

  19. How tf does that cup work without filling the whole thing up instead of it on the side

  20. That’s not a bad night snack

  21. Best midnight snack more like worst midnight snack

  22. @marikfram says:

    I thought I was going to hear… PHHHHH, from the Bentist😂

  23. Please I need one of those please

  24. My teeth are really sensitive so I cant bite ice

  25. I still don’t get how that works

  26. @MSE45 says:

    So basically a glass of water

  27. @Typ1sch.1o1 says:

    Next day : mom my troth hurts

  28. @Stuffy10299 says:

    Man I can’t eat ice!!😭

  29. Does anybody know the song in the background?

  30. @Divya-ht5in says:

    This is actually pretty normal and often a pregnancy craving many pregnant women have…

    It's also something alot of people like having to handle stress … If you ever go to a pediatric oncology ward, then u will find lots of parents just eating ice chips at night to fight their stress and emotions

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