GSF21 E4 How to Top and Prune Hemp Plants

This video describes two very important processes known as ‘Topping’ and ‘Pruning.’ I breakdown the logic behind why we Top …

23 thoughts on “GSF21 E4 How to Top and Prune Hemp Plants

  1. Last year I bought seeds from DivineSeeds website for 4000$.

    And I got them without package(in usual ugly zippers). Waited for them 2 months, from March to May.
    And half of them did not grow, thou I'm 10 years exp grower.

    Can someone give me an advice what can I do?

  2. @ianbruce892 says:

    I don't think topping is very effective!🙄😏

  3. @CodepageNet says:

    we switched our 2 plants to blooms state 1 week ago (4 weeks after planting the seeds). can we still cut the top or is too much stress?

  4. What's better to do. what he did or to trim the top?

  5. Is this the same for autoflower? Mine are in week 6 and I wanted to start pruning. Any ifo?

  6. A fellow grower told me how he is adding human liquor food to his feeding.
    Product like Ensure or
    Boost(cheeper). Everything in there is what plants need plus.
    He uses a full 8oz per gallon.
    I use 4oz per gallon and have awesome results.
    Give it a try and share your results.

  7. You have no idea how lucky you are being able to grow outdoors

  8. You do know hemp is not what people are smoking? Hemp is a member of the family, but contains very small amount of thc, it is however the strongest natural fibre and makes excellent ropes

  9. Спасибо за прекрасное видео!!!!!! ❤купите братья!!!!!! Ветеран бд Андрей

  10. Выращиваю манжурский канабис уже 4йгод, просто 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!! Что гашиш, что головки!!!!!! Что ручник!!!!!! Ветеран бд Андрей

  11. @rshunley1 says:

    Do this to auto flowers?

  12. Is there a preferable time of day to prune ?

  13. Bend your plant over it increases the yield All of that is potential

  14. @GMT439 says:

    Why would I want to grow HEMP?!

  15. Most growers say to 😊do a little at a time lol

  16. @Splib1 says:

    Hemp is not pot and u r trimming Pot or Marijuana plants here – so if u don't know the difference enough to label your video-hemp and marijuana r like apples and oranges

  17. Hey sir,
    I have to knowledge and 2 years training in plant nursery. (Agriculture NVQ6)
    I want to support and sponsorship for my higher studies.please can you help me.reply me. 🇱🇰

  18. @69kerek37 says:

    i would like to do this unpayed in my freetime

  19. The buds dont need sunlight only the fan leaves need it to grow dense buds, its like taking away out stomach. Fan leaves helps buds breathe well

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