CBD oil for PAIN, Inflammation & mood elevation.

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11 thoughts on “CBD oil for PAIN, Inflammation & mood elevation.

  1. @JaxxonWynn says:

    Do you think CBD can be bad for phase 1 of your liver detoxification process?

  2. My bones and joints have a craving to pop quite a bit of the time.

  3. Wow ur a fan of CBD and Wim Hoff.. keep up the awesome content!

  4. CBD helped lower my father's cancer blasts from 28% to 5% after chemo didn't work for his Leukemia. However, I do believe it has to be from the whole cannabis plant (not hemp) which is not legal in every state. There are multiple cases where it has cause cancer cell apoptosis, or cancer cell death. In conjuction with thc, you will experience the entourage effect, which is where the two cannabinoids actually enhance each others potency and effect. They trigger our endocannabinoid system by resetting our cells. Truly powerful and life changing. Please look into this, to help really educate the public on this information. Hemp is wonderful too, especially if you can not access whole canabis plant. But it is super crucial for anyone facing a serious autoimmune disease to have only the purest form. https://www.constancetherapeutics.com/scholarly-articles this is a link to scholarly articles. Access to the most notable studies and articles available online regarding cannabis extracts I promise you wont regret going to that site. I have zero affiliation with them, I am only sharing from experience and research I did for my father. Hope this helps at least one person.

  5. @ThomasMesen says:

    Amazing page! Hey I know I can help you build a bigger brand and gain more connections. I run a company mesenproductions who services upcoming athelets, businesses and public figures. What are you working on?

  6. @shaylab says:

    Its too bad you couldn't specifically name the plant that it is derived from. Great video non the less. Keep spreading the truth.

  7. Be careful, I got a strike on my channel for doing a CBD review. Ugh

  8. I tried the hemp oil from North American herb and spice and it gave me night terrors! Would this be the same?

  9. If it contains CBD, how would it be not psychoactive?

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