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8 MIN Six Pack Workout – Burning Abs Routine At Home For Men (No Equipment)

Here is an abs routine you can do at home to get six pack abs! This solid abs workout requires no equipment at all and can be …

20 thoughts on “8 MIN Six Pack Workout – Burning Abs Routine At Home For Men (No Equipment)

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  2. y need belly fat in 5 days

  3. @UKJaiswal01 says:

    @the gainz center
    If there ifany video regarding warm-up before running you posted so let ne know about that
    I will be very thankful to you if you do this ❤

  4. @Meaw167 says:

    Tyyyy iam skinny i did it 10times per 7days and i have 4abs

  5. This is very hard…. exercises but …use…ful…..

  6. @atharv0_07 says:

    This exercise for skinny people can do yes or no

  7. super echt cool, thank you 😁😉

  8. holy fucking shitt! those are made for monsters. Impossible to do. when im doing these i got a backpain as well.

  9. Bai push ups workout pevvideo bana

  10. Day 1 of the 28 days muscle mass

  11. Hlo Sir Which Software You Used in your Videos

  12. @trist8673 says:

    The flutter kicks burned the most

  13. @mayln163 says:

    Would love more workouts to get rid of love handles please

  14. It affectb 11 year old child

  15. Can we do bisecps workout daily by following this program

  16. This guy is bullshit he is only showing this to get extra viewers, that's all

  17. Would be great if it wasn't for the terrible background music.

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