Easy Snacks

Make with me easy snack part 1 😜#snake #shorts

27 thoughts on “Make with me easy snack part 1 😜#snake #shorts

  1. @PYPER_RUDD says:

    Can I please have a pin? I’ve been watching you guys for two years❤❤😊

  2. Bro I’m in bed with hives watching this realizing that I can’t eat it 😭

  3. For how many days ? Love yall ❤❤❤❤

  4. It looked like diarrhea for a bit 💀💀

  5. Get yogurt and put some on a plate and freeze it and once it's frozen dip it in chocolate and you could freeze it if u want or eat it like that ❤❤❤❤❤🍫

  6. @GAYBISH123 says:

    me having a stroke and forgetting what rice crispies are and think there a cereal😃

  7. @Kunkleroff says:

    So chocolate milk

  8. lala comes in room “MONYYY!”

  9. @Jvashisht says:

    Now just shake
    Takes 3,000 years to shake💀

  10. This is my fav Chanelle your vids are the best❤

  11. @Theonlycsm4 says:

    You Make That Ice Chocolate At Home Because I Like It, I Have The Same As You

  12. @Mi_A11 says:

    HEY LALA ! ilysm and I’ve been with you through everything . Please can I have pin ❤

  13. @aleyorch44 says:

    Dummy made chocolate milk and showed us 😂😂😂

  14. You got a new hair cut!
    It looks great on you, Mony!❤

  15. Moni is so nice and like I would have a brother like them

  16. @ItsMyuuuuu says:


  17. I love this vido so cute.

  18. I love how mony always take care of his sister even though he always prank her

  19. 100th likeeeeeeeee 😊

  20. I love this family!!! Ur vids r the best!!!

  21. Nice cant wait for part 2 do then i can try!

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