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The Perfect Beef Stew Dinner EASY | Slow Cooker Recipes #cooking

Here is a slow cooker beef stew that is easy and perfect for an easy dinner. I like to serve over crusty slices of French bread for a …

23 thoughts on “The Perfect Beef Stew Dinner EASY | Slow Cooker Recipes #cooking

  1. Looks good I will try it tomorrow

  2. Would it be possible to Bake in the Oven instead of Frying,

  3. Goal Champ says:

    Who in the world has 5 hours to spare to cook a dinner? Gosh!

  4. Best shortcut ever and great tips! Absolutely flavorful and scrumptious turnout! I lived on my own for 30+ years and never ever used a crockpot until several months ago. When I made my stews, I always cubed and browned the beef after a good dry rub. It was the magical step that made everything taste better. It was one that took extra time… and that I never imagined would have tasty results if I skipped the browning. You just proved me wrong! My husband absolutely loves this too. So, with a few days of cooler temps on the way … your recipe made our home one happy place. Thanks! 😋

  5. Hello my name Karl and I live on my own so I brought a slow cooker would be the job for me! now 1. I have a lot left over so leave the slow cooker on low then have it the next day question could I freeze it and when I fancy it again put it in the Microwave if so how long. 2. You did not use water but I always have would the raw meat still cook! any help would be most well come.

  6. IslandGirl says:

    MMM yummy I swear I could smell it lol. Thank you for sharing

  7. Thankyou so much for this recipe I’m making it right now in the cock pot 😊

  8. Very nice-Thanks for sharing 👍

  9. Bernard Paul says:

    Without knowing the temperature setting on the slow cooker, the whole show is useless!

  10. ZergSolo says:

    Always, Always, Always Brown your meat. Super Easy to learn.

  11. Good morning, its Annelise from South Africa. Can i use Chuck meat

  12. Joseph Ryan says:

    Very relaxing vieo and recipe 🙂

  13. Pamela Dunn says:

    Great job, looks delicious. Also try seasoning your meat then coat with flour and sear to jeep nice coating then put in crockpot

  14. Hester Green says:

    How about adding a bag of frozen onions?

  15. Denise Adams says:

    Hallelujah the vegetables are already cut we don’t have to watch the boring cutting up , way too go by the way it was delicious

  16. Cher Johnson says:

    Looks easy an delicious thank you

  17. NW Pioneer says:

    This is the best slow-cooker stew ever. NO WATER ADDED

  18. Gonna make this tomorrow it looks so easy and delicious

  19. Warsh yersister sauce 😂

  20. EG says:

    Awesome Job!Absolutely tasty. Everyone will add some kind of twist. Simplicity and Delicious

  21. Thor1160 says:

    what size is the crockpot?

  22. I get 3 lbs of beef stew frozen vegtabled,3 Beef Broth,potatoes cut up the stew beef ,potatoes,meat tenderizer,garlic salt,onion salt,put in crock pot let it cook forv4 hours…it tastes so good

  23. evil me says:

    remind me not to follow your recipes again, im only 2 and a half hours into this and i ALREADY want to dig into it, dang it smells so good, but it is not ready yet, dang it 🙁 haha

    please do more crockpot/dump and go recipes 🙂

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