Senior Fitness – Resistance Band Exercises Full Body Workout

In this session, we are incorporating more resistance band routines into our exercise. Resistance bands come in many weights of …

36 thoughts on “Senior Fitness – Resistance Band Exercises Full Body Workout

  1. Thank you for watching! Please let us know in the comments what you would like to see more of from us either in workouts or health and wellness. As always you can find us here: Thank You! – Meredith

  2. Thank you so much for this Meredith. What a comprehensive workout.

    I am learning how to properly use the bands as I have a lifetime of using weights and many times the bands allow me to connect or “feel” the contractions of the muscles better and they seem to feel safer as well.

    I’ll be following this workout and any others workouts or helpful videos that you may have.

    It feels good to be able to transition into a new modality that just seems better for me as I approach 60.

    Thank you for sharing this video and for your professional help and guidance.

  3. C L C says:

    🎉 Thank You!

  4. Thank you for putting this out there! I love your page and it gets me to do exercise before I go to work. I feel so good doing the exercises!! Thank you lots!!

  5. Excellent exercise. Thank you

  6. Meredith. Love this band workout. Thank you so much

  7. I know this is an older video, so I hope you get to see my comment. It's March 2023, and I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your seated workouts. Almost a year ago, I had a heart attack following a stroke six months prior. My PT introduced me to your channel at the rehab facility where I recovered after an extended hospital stay. It has been a much slower recuperation process than I'd hoped, but I made decent progress – until I got Covid over Christmas. It was a HUGE setback. I'm only just starting to feel a little more like myself. Although it's been difficult, I'm so-o-o very thankful for the gentle, slow but strengthening movements you demonstrate clearly and patiently (without any weird condescending attitude). It's like you understand my struggle with limited energy and low stamina as I am unable to participate in high intensity standing or floor exercises right now. I'm committed to improving my health prognosis for the chronic diseases I'm overcoming and determined to regain my full mobility. Your content is helping me succeed. THANKS, Meredith!

  8. I could only do light exercises today and this was perfect, Thank you😊

  9. Meredith, Love this band work out. Added it to my weekly exercises. Thank you

  10. Is breathing important as to when to breathe in and out.

  11. That was a brilliant exercise. Thank you very much.

  12. Great exercise ,thanks so much .👌🙏🦋

  13. I'm new to band exercises and found your sessions helpful. Thanks

  14. Roqjoru says:

    Outstanding work with the therapy bands, I use to use the bands to pump up doing competition, NPC.

    I became a SARescue and would swim for hours. I equated bands with swimming.

    I have added

    I too encourage ppl to be realistic with training and have pointed ppl in your direction.

    I found I could double the bands and even do dynamic tension hold as you executed you range of motion.

    Good job

  15. can we buy this video

  16. I'm 48 but have health issues that keep me from doing a lot of strenuous workouts. I find with these I can go slower or harder with them for how I am feeling physically that day and I still swear and burn calories.

  17. I m so happy this work out nice and gentle i do every othter day no problem

  18. Ame Maes says:

    I'm late to the game, but watched because this looped in my YouTube feeds. Exercises are great, but are you sitting because helpful for those unable to withstand standing while performing routine? I get the inner/outer work is best sitting, but the others could work while standing, right? We sit enough; why add more sitting?🤔👍

  19. Doing_best says:

    Perfect workout for me! My heart rate got up there, and I love these shorter workouts. I find I get sort of bored with long workouts, I’m not a very physical person. I managed to do a 23 minute walk, an 11 minute video earlier, and finished off my day with this video which was about 14 minutes of exercise, just right.
    Thank you for making exercise more doable for us seniors.

  20. Robin Aycock says:

    QUESTION: How often should you do these strength training exercises? Every day – every other day?

  21. Anu says:

    Wonderful ! I have Sacroiliitis hence have bilateral sciatica and also can't control my lower body well while walking and fall easily.If you can make a video for patients like me.

  22. Please help me it is not available on Amazon in India how I am able to purchase

  23. I am recovering from a stroke and my physical therapist started with me using the resistance bands to strengthen my body. I needed to learn to walk all over again and the exercises really worked. When I was released from the hospital, I found Meredith's exercises and doing these really helped out a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH MEREDITH!! Now I am using the beans for a full body workout. I never realized that using the bands were so effective! 🦾

  24. krazynan says:

    I did it 😂

  25. ЛАСКА says:

    Прекрасный, великолепный комплекс! Вроде бы и не сложный, но в конце мокрая вся. Ни одного упражнения не не пропустила. Не жалею, что на Озоне выписала такую ленту. Словом, польза огромная. Спасибо авторам ролика.

  26. Very useful for joint pain, thank you for this video

  27. Everyone, before you begin, check your bands for cracks or tears. I got a painful snap and red mark when mine broke during the workout.

  28. Sure need this. Thank you. and you are very pleasant and informative. Cya on Tues & Thursdays for sure. Who knows I just may add you to my morning stretch routine. daily.

  29. WOW… I am sooo impressed, best workout (senior or otherwise) that I have found – easy to follow, very clear what to do, and exactly the right amount of work for us seniors with some limited energy and capabilities. Made me feel like I finally have found a teacher/trainer I can stick with!!

  30. Wow. Effective. Thank you AGAIN!

  31. Adora Larson says:

    I truly enjoy your resistance bands & dumbbell weight exercises for seniors. Thank you for these videos!

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