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Plant-Based 2023 🌱 #recipe #vegan #healthy #cooking #food

Do you want to try your hand at a plant-based or vegan lifestyle in 2023? Well, you’re in the right place! Going plant-based has …

30 thoughts on “Plant-Based 2023 🌱 #recipe #vegan #healthy #cooking #food

  1. Gems2308 says:

    I recently became a vegetarian and I know your vegan but I’ve been watching all your videos and it really helps everything you make looks so delicious and healthy

  2. Carli your the best 💙🧡💜❤️

  3. Adrien says:

    Daiya is a GREAT vegetarian brand that you really must try when going vegan

  4. O S says:

    Thank you ❤

  5. Gacha World says:

    Me who never ate anything but plant based food no literally since I could remember I only ate plat based

  6. I’m an ALKALINE VEGAN 🌱
    and ALL of your recipes look delicious! 🤍

  7. N1ghtrxse says:

    Where can i buy the cookbook?

  8. Why was it good for the planet of climate change is fake? Also doesn’t it gives more carbon emissions to ship your vegetables than killing a cow?

  9. Watching this vid while eating a jerk Jamaican shawarma wrap, btw fully plant based? Good for you, not for me. I want a Kebab and Steak after this

  10. El says:

    I swear I am in love with these shorts 😍 I need long form content

  11. Plant based stuff tastes like plastic imo..

  12. Spreading the vegan reality brings us closer to saving all animals! Come check me out if you desire!

  13. Itz David says:

    Pov u find out that cows pigs and other animals are populating the world and that means less fresh air

  14. Plasma_ says:

    I'm vegetarian and I'm fine with how I am right now and I don't plan to go vegan anytime soon

  15. To anyone reading this comment, this is your sign to eat a lot of meat this year.

  16. Athpot says:

    PoV : you're are watching the vegan teacher 2

  17. Reid Douglas says:

    Bro how can she go on seven years without eating meat?

  18. No thanks😊🍗🍗🐔🐓🐓🥩🍔🍔🥩🥩😍😍

  19. Milly says:

    I probably never last a day without cheese lol

  20. urinator 203 says:

    honestly idc abt animals, i just like plants more

  21. Hicak 024 says:

    going meatless is extremely good but it should be done gradually to be easier to stick to the diet.

  22. Amitesh says:

    And I ignored this sign

  23. Im still not going vegan or eat all my vegies

  24. KitkatKK2 says:

    I support you if you do this, but this looks like hell for my texture-shy autistic brain. I’ll pass.

  25. Finally something vegan teacher would like

  26. Kemoko Keita says:

    Not vegan squad here

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