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LOW IMPACT home cardio workout – fat burner – NO EQUIPMENT!

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34 thoughts on “LOW IMPACT home cardio workout – fat burner – NO EQUIPMENT!

  1. Murph says:

    Wonderful 💖

  2. charlotte says:

    Techno music is good to work out to!

  3. It will be helpful if you can explain some of the complicated movements first like the 16:10 one

  4. LiBabyGurl says:

    Goid workout Thank you❤

  5. Widad Yahia says:

    Thank you.. I enjoyed every second of it

  6. Tefa AA says:

    I love your videos guys, I feel with so much happiness after finish every of your workout. THANK YOU!!

  7. After starting my morning with "Fun, low impact workout for TOTAL beginners" with Daniel, Lisa, & Natasha since 1/3/2023, THIS is now my favorite afternoon session! I began – with many pauses – back on 1/28, and now zip along with you three for 33" – with my modifications! This feels like a perfect session for this beginner – especially with the irresistible drum beat! and the upper left corner previews! Many Thanks to "Christopher" aka Daniel, Christine & Kristin!

  8. Eric T says:

    Mercy! I'm starting to like the feel of the leg pain…haha! Is that strange or normal?

  9. Am loving this dance so much
    Almost getting addicted
    Thank you for helping many of us

  10. Pa Kob says:

    A lot Love this ❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Eric T says:

    I love the side windows letting us know what is next. That is helpful. I like when he says "be proud".

  12. I was looking for a supplemental cardio routine to go with my strength training and found this! I have bad knees so it was great to find a low-impact workout. I'm mainly commenting though because I loved the little dance after the main workout was done, such a little bit of unexpected joy for the morning.

  13. Finally i did it with you guys thank so much for helping us

  14. RichT says:

    This is the only workout channel I follow! It's great. The moves are easy to follow but they always leave me drenched in sweat at the end of the video! I started feeling depressed and after I do these workouts, my mood changes completely. My goal is to get back on track and lose this winter/COVID weight. Weight loss is such a journey!

  15. Great workout .. amazing energy.. just love it!

  16. itallmatters says:

    This is my favorite one Alex!!!! I'm going to do this one for 2 weeks straight. I feel the 6 pack coming!!! Thank you!

  17. Tima Lasike says:

    2800 steps. 395 calories burnt. I used a set of 1kg dumbbells during half the workout for extras on my flabby arms lol … Great music. Upbeat Vibe. Encouraging instructor. Loved the options of low or high. Keep going everyone ❤

  18. Ksenia Y says:

    Thank you so much for the compliments/praise in every video! I love the host's comments and instructions. Helps you get to the end! And also helps to actually "move AND enjoy".

  19. props to whoever does your music sets! this one went hard, love it

  20. Great workout loved it thank you ❤

  21. A.J says:

    I couldn’t complete the ehole left in between but happy yesterday i did for 10 min today its for 14 min🎉 feels happy

  22. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed all the positivity you brought to my exercise routine!

  23. I've been doing these workouts for a few weeks now! They are amazing, and I feel so much stronger already. Thank you!

  24. Melinda says:

    Best way to end a workout with my hands up in celebration … such an a awesome workout …. Thanks

  25. 3 days ago I barely pushed to 15 minutes, now I went trough the entire video, damn our bodies adapt quickly

  26. Sandra says:

    I just love the upbeat mood of your videos you’re happy and encouraging as well as your cadettes behind you !! Applause
    Thank you
    Lali from Chicago !!
    God bless you

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