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CBD Oil: Doses, Benefits and Side Effects

Dave Lee discusses CBD Oil: Doses, Benefits and Side Effects. ➜➜Watch This Next: “Dave’s Lecture PROGESTERONE in MEN” …

20 thoughts on “CBD Oil: Doses, Benefits and Side Effects

  1. ➜➜Watch This Next: "Dave's Lecture PROGESTERONE in MEN" https://youtu.be/tsmdvBert1c

  2. Ron Reinert says:

    Any idea why both THC n CBD make my pain more intense? Can also give me a crawly skin feeling.

  3. 10in65 says:

    Thank you for this. You failed to mention CBD Hemp Oil vs CBD Tincture. Discuss THC levels relative to CBD Hemp Oil

  4. Weedborn's CBD products are amazing!

  5. I've only started using cbd oil a few days ago and it works amazingly well. I use one that has only 5% cbd in it but I can feel that it's quite potent already. I'm noticing a change in my dreams as well. I'm much more calm, almost zen like ☺
    It's good stuff. I recommend.

  6. Glenn Bowen says:

    Great video Dave. CBD has helped me immmensley with my sleep patterns. Unbelievable

  7. I bought some excellent oils from Weedborn. Just google Weedborn.

  8. Cadena Ek says:

    I really like the CBD from Weedborn. Your video is very informative. Thank you for this TRT! 👌

  9. Will cbd oil show up on drug test.

  10. KasLab360 says:

    Novelbeing.com affordable and extremely effective cbd products!

  11. Conrad Smith says:

    Are there any negative interactions between something like 10 to 20 mg a day of cbd while using trt?

  12. Way says:

    I’ve seen guys not be able to come off it because they become too inflamed when stopping.

  13. meridethmatt says:

    I use ‘earth grounding’ for inflammation reduction. Works amazingly well!! Didn’t know the other benefits of CBD!

  14. OGAesthetics says:

    would love to try some cbd but illegal here. ill try it when the world opens again 🙂

  15. Byron P says:

    A question that usually comes to mind around this topic is THC content. I've heard of CBD being suggested for a few different reasons, but rarely if ever is THC content mentioned. It's been of interest to me for a while but it may be a problem with work, in terms of potential testing.

  16. Jason P says:

    First you say "it's great before exercise" and then "best taken before bed"… Quite contradicting!!! Which is it? Lol

  17. I would love to know who the absolute moron is who gave this video a thumbs down and the reason why. Guaranteed the answer would be idiotic. Some people are destined to remain dumb.

  18. David David says:

    Very interesting! thank you for this great video!👌

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