47 thoughts on “Texas changes state law for medical marijuana

  1. JUAN RAMOS says:

    I guess veterans are the only people that get ptsd???

  2. Give us something to fight for government please give us something to love and protect.

  3. illumiMexa says:

    Will the 1% THC still help people with Anxiety?

  4. Riley Jones says:

    my dad has bad ptsd delta 9 is not strong enough it got so bad he asked me if i could get it other ways. why does he have to risk jail time for medicine

  5. William Gee says:

    Wait, didn't where am I Joe say he would legalize it when running for office? Oh yeah, he did and right after being elected he instead attempted to make menthol cigarettes, and flavored blunt cigars illegal. This is the guy who garnered so many black votes and fought so hard against ending segregation.

  6. Brisk Bronco says:

    Legalize it for medicinal uses only. Not for recreational use.

  7. ripple chips says:

    2022 no excuse for it to still be illegal in some states!!!!!! what a joke !!!!!!

  8. Rusty Nails says:

    Good cuz I'm tired of doing a GTA mission just to get a sack of Medicine

  9. Htowner13 says:

    We are light years away from Californias laws .Texas is stupid

  10. BMWOCanada says:

    Texas should legalize marijuana. This is absurd; alcohol is wicked.

  11. Silver Kndll says:

    1 percent what a joke man. …

  12. Get texas med card and apply for Oklahoma temp card and get your potent stuff texas will only sell 1% thc that's literally hemp not med weed.

  13. 1% THC is hemp not weed so that's not medical marijuana sorry.

  14. I got ptsd thanks to HPD!!

  15. I dont like it when doctors are fat… I see you dont take health srsly -.-

  16. Juan Aguilar says:

    TX is surrounded by legal cannabis. New Orleans, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and the whole country of Mexico. People think TX is the Wild West.

  17. Cash50k says:

    I got ptsd and I can’t even be in a car with out having anxiety

  18. Things no one are talking about…. What about all the ppl cigarette kill… Or why isn't it legal in Texas… all the Alcohol car accidents … Has anyone ever died from weed.. is this a way to just separate ppl now? Why is it legal everywhere else in the world! Why is it my entire life I've had to to deal with this load of B's

  19. Jason Haire says:

    Its up to the voters this November to choose what they want we will all have to see. And if nothing changes people will have 4 more years of prohibition and the voters can decide about it again, Never say never in this situation but 4 to 8 years is a lot of senior citizens dying and many more children becoming legal voting age 18 and up its no longer a matter of if it will ever but when.

  20. Nortex D says:

    I live in Texas and smoke hella weed regardless of law! If legalized when I get off of work and head home to wind down with a nice fat joint instead of hitting up my local drug dealer I can go to a dispensary and be willing to pay the taxes. This SHI tea just needs to be legalized all together and not just medicinal

  21. It's good to see Weedborn have new CBD products that will save me money and energy to heal myself.

  22. I need this help. I have PTSD from being beating up and left for dead because my ex-husband put a hit out on me. I was strangled three times but lived. I was locked in a room for four hours and beat beyond belief. No doctor will help me so I buy it off the street, I don't need the high, need my sanity. Help

  23. 007 says:

    Texas is an oil state don’t need the marijuana money when the government in your pocket

  24. I may be conservative but I believe marijuana is okay but here's what I think about Texas I don't think they have for willfully make it legal the always be medical use for it because what they will do if they will just never let it pass through the Senate they put it up for a vote in the Senate denied it the reality is we just really in Texas and my opinion need a really strong conservative to come through that actually believes that marijuana is okay at the same time so we can get those people out because I'm starting to believe it's really just because you want to support them pharmaceutical companies that don't have the interest when it comes to marijuana Texans either they live in the Stone Age and never will ever get out of the Stone Age when it comes to marijuana or they got the pharmaceutical companies trying to pay them off

  25. RedJoker9000 says:

    I hate that my medical condition is on the list, in the sense that it is seen as very dangerous. However my friends say I should be a bit happy because it being on the list…I am guaranteed it/Marijuana basically anywhere.

  26. Some of the prior meds I was on caused chronic kidney disease stage 3. So I was taken off of it and it took a few years to get back to normal blood levels

  27. I live in Michigan and I am very thankful for the marijuana laws up here. I would be a super hot mess without it. I have been on many prescriptions for pain, the laws for them have changed a lot and the drs have to follow the law. The staff in the Dr's office gets updated frequently on what is allowed. Then when the people that really need it they get short changed and the abusers of the strong meds keep trying to find ways to get their narcs. I supplement my cannabis with my prescription meds. My Dr's are aware of this and do not have a problem with it. If I didn't use it I would never sleep.

  28. I'm for medical Marijuana but if you smoke just to get high then I'm against Marijuana.

  29. As a disabled combat veteran here in tx I dont understand why chronic pain was not allowed. Oh wait , I remembered something. Governor Abbott received campaign contributions from BIG PHARMA.

  30. We need to vote out Dan Patrick. He’s the issue here

  31. Federal Laws Legalized CBD products that comply with Federal Statutes through the Farm Bill Agriculture Improvement Act signed by President Donald J Trump in 2018 for every state not just Texas that has the support of over 90 % of Farmers nationwide when the Farm Bill is up for additional Ammendments in 2024

  32. Stx_hitta33 says:

    Texas is slow this is common sense there just being racist

  33. Lol 1 Ayy migh as well get a plug

  34. ptsd isn't even real. legalize it for recreational purposes.

  35. Mike GTR says:

    Ooooh 1% THC. That doesn't even do anything. In CA we smoke 25% and higher

  36. I hope they go out multiple sclerosis to the list

  37. AlyssaJames says:

    Just please legalize it already!!! I can't begin to even describe how much it has helped me, it's a natural medicine and much safer than pills, which BTW I was on 30 + meds until I dropped them all for this. I also suffer from ptsd and Marijuana has helped me significantly.

  38. Jason says:


  39. Staunch republican politicians and many of their supporters are usually quick to send us to war while at the same time quick to take the decision out of doctors hands and into their own when it comes to deciding if combat veterans should have access to THC. This make absolutely zero sense.

  40. I don’t smoke or eat edibles but I firmly believe it should just be legalized already. It helps a lot of people with insomnia, back pain, arthritis, and many other conditions. Shouldn’t have to go to another state and risk your freedom crossing state lines with a little pot in order to help yourself sleep at night or to get your back to stop hurting all while the doctors have no problem handing out hydrocodone or oxy like candy and feeding into the drug problem here.

  41. Hey guys I’m visiting Dallas From Chicago Greetings to everyone out here 🙋🏽‍♂️
    I’m struggling trying to find some bud, I was told the dispensary sells DELTA 8 Only.
    Can someone give me an update please?😩

  42. buddyroach says:

    Up to 1%. That is a joke. You need at least 15% for it to work at all. And at least 20% for heavy users

  43. ProApathy says:

    Waiting for 1% edibles…

  44. JBARR Vlogs says:

    Or hear me out… do it like us in Canada and make it recreational so everyone can benefit from marijuana instead of the government just looking for a way to make more money.

  45. The amount of $$$ the state would make on marijuana would be insane… I already have a slogan “Pot for Potholes” the taxes from pot goes to our roads and bridges

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