My Anxiety & Depression Treatment Plan | Trying CBD Oil

Sorry for the kind of crappy quality of this video! I filmed it on my phone, but even then it isn’t usually this bad, so I’m not sure what …

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  1. Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted a new video in a long time. Things have been a little tough. I'm hoping I will again, but in the meantime, if you want to get more regular updates or follow how I'm doing, you can check out my social media:

    Instagram: @abbybubiak.artist https://www.instagram.com/abbybubiak.artist/
    My website: http://www.abigailbubiak.com (other socials on here as well)

    Thanks for all the love, concern and comments you guys! I read them all! 馃檪

  2. Hi Abigail, I used to follow your videos in the past because I also deal with an anxiety disorder, it's been a long time since you uploaded a video about your anxiety treatment process, how are you today, how is the state of anxiety?

  3. Weedborn is full of amazing CBD products. They have been very helpful to me.

  4. Becks23 says:

    You should test your vitamin levels! Specialty vitamin D ( since you mentioned you live in a very cold part of the country ) Check out Dr. Janelle Sinclair on YouTube! She has been very helpful and informative in how very specific deficiencies can cause severe depression and debilitating anxiety! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Tomas.N. says:

    thanks for the vids

  6. autentyk says:

    I wish so much you would post again!! All the best.

  7. 3 stooges says:

    Is there any way we can get a update on how your doing?

  8. How is your Anxiety these days?

  9. Do you have someone to hug?

  10. I鈥檝e watched every video. You鈥檙e one of the good ones young lady. You鈥檙e wonderful. Don鈥檛 give up.

  11. autentyk says:

    Abby, I have now watched every last one of your videos. What drew me initially was your detailed history with vortioxetine, which I have been taking for 16 days now, so far so good. In the process, I got to know a kind, troubled soul, to which I can relate beyond belief. You remind me of someone very special I once knew..
    I wish you nothing but the best in life. Some daily sunshine, a good dose of joy and peace of mind. Happiness does not exist.
    I know perfectly well the channel became a chore somewhere down the line. It's ok. Do not apologize for not having posted in a while once you are able to give us an update, for you have nothing to apologize for. Hopefully that will happen. Until then, lots of love and support from Barcelona.
    You are a winner.

  12. I bought excellent oils from WeedBorn website. Just google WeedBorn.

  13. Mick Hal says:

    I did try Cbd oil
    I suffer depression and anxiety
    Depression has gone thank god
    But anxiety quite high
    I think it was from srris
    For me
    Tramadol and Kratom worked great
    I have not tried yet
    Bromantane I heard is great
    No side effect withdraws or addiction
    As for Cbd oils
    Sleep wise yes
    It鈥檚 quite good
    But during the day
    A little drowsy
    But I will say this
    50 mg tramadol a day for a month kills anxiety straight away
    Best medication in my experience for anxiety

  14. Hi u have tried everything did it help ? No ! U have the answer right in front of u yet u r ignorin it . For god sake stop making it your daily goal to get rid of anxiety u conditionned ur mind anxiety is threat witch is basicaly adrenaline on your oversensitive nerves . No meds will help you no techniques either and if u try mindfulness to get rid of anxiety ur missing the whole point . I have a solution for u , u want it ? Okay . Suffer yep just suffer your way out of self created anxiety . What is so called anxiety afterall ? Deep rooted fears that your mind asks explanations for it , and what do u do ? U become afraid of it , fear over fear the solution is simple its not an intelluctal level solution non a buddhist one but for just feel your suffering the one u created and dont create any new one , ubwoll heal it might take 1 to 2 years but u will heal

  15. EB says:

    Hi hope you see this. I came across your channel when I was researching antidepressants. The last 2 videos you鈥檝e done on updates and how you鈥檙e feeling have been very informative and I鈥檓 really glad I came across them. I suffer from depression and extreme anxiety and apparently OCD. I鈥檓 always curious in how it affects people differently. When my anxiety is at its worse I lose all appetite and lose weight quickly. My anxiety comes with extreme paranoia with virtually everything in life and thinking the worst is going to happen even over something so minuscule and it consumes me and everything I do. I have tried CBD gummies and while I feel like for me personally they can help take the edge off it doesn鈥檛 really seem to have that much of an impact to justify the cost of it for me since it can get expensive. I hope you are doing ok and when you are feeling up to it I hope you can make another video as I鈥檓 sure I鈥檓 not the only one that finds them almost comforting in a way that someone else out there is going through very similar struggles. Finding someone who you can relate to on such a personal level that really 鈥済ets it鈥 is nice to find. I applaud you, I feel like I can relate in many ways and I hope that things get better even if only baby steps for right now.


  17. Kratom is a healing leaf

  18. Interesting to see how cbd oil worked.

  19. Darkorse says:

    If you can make a video calm and collectively, with no speech impediments or shakiness, then you don't have an anxiety problem.

    I think you're confusing anxiousness with anxiety, and using every kind of misdemeanor to tell yourself that you have a problem. That in itself is a slippery slope, and is something that drug addicts face on a day to day basis.

    Here's some sound advice…
    – Do some intense breathing exercises.
    – Create an workout routine full of cardio exercises.
    – Do at least one hour of focused meditation.

    Don't just jump ship whenever you have feel bad in a weird way. Everyone feels nervous or anxious at some point in their day. Don't anchor yourself to your anxiousness.

    Exercise your body and mind frequently, and you will find tranquility.

  20. AMir says:

    How's the CBD going for you? Please update soon!

  21. SMITTY says:

    CBD, are you still taking it, has it helped? Thank's.

  22. If you can beat this without meds then that would be awesome.
    Personally I tried for years going on and off different meds because the side effects sucked. But in my case I finally excepted I will likely have to be on meds the rest of my life to function. I've been on Lexapro for 3 years now but I'm tapering down to try Trintellix.
    I sincerely hope you can find what works for you. Mental health issues are no joke

  23. Dennis says:

    Have you tried LDN?

  24. Hi! thank for very interesting video, you have a talent for being a person who can motivate peapol. I want to point out what you said about is not a failure to go back to medication, thank you for saying that, makes me feel better, i have been off medication for 2 weeks , i had a bad experience with Zoloft, the doctor want me to try Brintellix 10 mg, but i was not sure. After i stop zoloft i first felt good but after some days i started to feel bad , i was suprised why is suddenly felt bad, thinking where did that feeling come from. Anyhow , i start the knew medicine tonight , and hope for the best. best regards bj酶rnar

  25. mandalay71 says:

    I鈥檓 going through the same thing. I understand. 馃檪

  26. Have you heard of genetic testing for psychotropic drugs?

  27. ohkla 14 says:

    Hey, Thank you for sharing. How are you doing now?

  28. Mohammad Ali says:

    Why dont u try Black seed oil! It has helped many people with their depression and anxiety

  29. Jimmy Fish says:

    I had depression for 30 years and tried so many different meds. My psych has just ( two weeks ago) prescribed Vortioxetine for my major depression . After two weeks I鈥檝e had no real side effects but it鈥檚 had no effect on my depression . Took my own decision today to up to 20mg . In a. Nutshell, how did you find Vortioxetine for your depression? Would be really interested to hear your honest opinion . Thank you

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