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Beginners Workout for Toned, Sexy Arms, 10 Minute Quick Easy Fitness, Lean Arm Exercises at Home

10 Minute Beginners Workout, Full Body Flexibility Stretches, At Home Stretching Routine Exercises ♥ Our FREE Yoga App for …

30 thoughts on “Beginners Workout for Toned, Sexy Arms, 10 Minute Quick Easy Fitness, Lean Arm Exercises at Home

  1. PsycheTruth says:

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  2. Kerri says:

    I just did this video, I feel the the burn "which is a good" burn. Great job! Thanks

  3. Been doing this workout regularly for 2 years. Have increased in strength (able to use heavier weights now) and muscles are clearly visible. Just 10 mins every 2-3 days! I guess if I did it everyday gains would be even faster

  4. ash njb says:

    What is the weight of the dumbells used

  5. Hi!!!!! This is the first time i watched ur video getting new dumbells and using it for the first time. 😄. For sure, I'll watch all ur vdos one after the other. Thankyou 🐥❤️

  6. Kevin Gibbs says:

    i would make my arms stronger

  7. Kevin Gibbs says:

    can u lose weight with dumbbell

  8. Dan Vasquez says:

    Why is this in a bob's burger playlist 😀

  9. May I know the weight of the dumbbell?

  10. I have been doing Tiffany's arm exercises for 3 yrs, I have noticed in the last yrs the front of my upper arms are wrinkly why is this happening

  11. Rizatch says:

    I just wanted to listen to Bob Burgers why am I here

  12. What's the weigh you are using here?

  13. Lisa Beattie says:

    Great 10 minute routine for total beginners. Thank you ❤

  14. MarioTube says:

    Found this on a bobs burgers movie soundtrack playlist 💀💀💀💀💀

  15. This actually works I did this with another exercise vid of 5 mints for 7 to 9 days with 2lb weights and lost an inch 💕💕

  16. How many kilograms dumbles are this?

  17. Jojo M.k.d says:

    How many calories burned?

  18. Iwill Turita says:

    Thank you for this video.I hope it will work on me.

  19. I have been doing this for a week now and I can say that my shoulder improves. I barely have shoulder muscle ache yay!! my arms are still have a lot to work on, so I'll keep pushing myself to this routine. Remember, just feel the burn It is your friend! 😁

  20. This is amazing im gonna do it

  21. lvstrngz says:

    How much should the dumbbells weigh?

  22. Milly O'Nair says:

    Men of culture, we meet again!

  23. It will better one can begin with 1kg weights is it?

  24. Lucy Fisher says:

    I have arthritis and muscle wastage and this is really useful.

  25. How many kgs dumble weight???

  26. Wonderful peaceful music

  27. I have very flabby arms and broad shoulders please suggest me some workout.

  28. 🌹🙏🏻🌹🙏🏻🌹 क़िस्मत कितनी ही रोशन हो मेहनत की आग में जलना ज़रूरी है, मंज़िल कितनी ही पास हो कुछ क़दम चलना ज़रूरी है।🌹❤🙏🏻
    Good morning friend 🌹❤

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