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What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Meal Ideas | #shorts

What I Eat In A Day! #shorts #fulldayofeating #healthymeals Here are some of my favorite meals and things I currently love to eat!

28 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Meal Ideas | #shorts

  1. what i eat & recipes listed in description box!!
    i'll film a full version for YouTube soon!! Xx

  2. muco fit says:

    All lools so yum, I cannot tell what was the lunch?

  3. Big Boss says:

    Very Healthy I approve 👍🏽

  4. R A says:

    That’s a LOT of food!

  5. LaMILLZ says:

    Gurl put some pants on please

  6. Bro when you eat basebanns they be hittin different fr fr💀💀💀💀

  7. Dinner looks ……bland

  8. Renee Lynch says:

    you have a body like a man you look disgusting put on some clothes YUCK!

  9. You buy farm raised salmon cause if so that's a lot of heavy metal 😂

  10. Can you teach how to make soul food in a healthy way.

  11. ASMR Green says:

    Am I the only one who would eat the lunch meal😂 I love onions and potatoes idc

  12. I think you eat quite a lot but you look damn good which is good for me because I hate dieting and need to loose a few pounds

  13. KingHB says:

    We need proof, can we see you eat those little sausages?

  14. fully supportive of the fig bar for desert

  15. Lunch did not look appealing at all

  16. alot of it is cooked too long, loosing alot of the nutrients.

  17. Jill Hollon says:

    More fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, peas and legumes and less saturated fats, cholesterol, simple carbs and processed foods

  18. Kyoti Chan says:

    I wish I have a body like you tho, idk if I was too thin or thick🥹

  19. Grass says:

    Nah bro wtf is lunch 💀

  20. Nice! Thank you for the ideas

  21. Diana says:

    lol her lunch will be my snack

  22. Jack Dunnan says:

    Thought that was ends of pickles not potatoes 🤣

  23. Torri Stamps says:

    I thought rice was high carbs

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