Organic Cooking

Useful Hacks For Keeping Food Fresh || Easy Tips to Identify Organic Food Products

TIMESTAMPS: 00:29 How to identify organic rice 01:47 How to identify organic watermelon 03:05 Easy preserved lemon recipes …

26 thoughts on “Useful Hacks For Keeping Food Fresh || Easy Tips to Identify Organic Food Products

  1. How to know a potato is organic or not

  2. Lethal Tempo says:

    Almost all fake. Dislike

  3. why I eat only healthy dis will help me figure out if I can eat it or not and btw kale tastes BETTER THAN U THIN

  4. How to identify organic youtube videos:

    Is it from 5-Minute Recipes? Then it is fake

  5. Teekoness says:

    Ah, I get it. It's impossible to remove roots from organic garlic. I guess I'll never buy organic garlic again because I don't want to eat garlic roots.

  6. MinusLinus says:

    4:40 You can literally SEE the coloring on the salmon, we're not blind!

  7. They honey one's been debunked, as you can do the same test with maple syrup, corn syrup, & molasses & get the same result. It's all in how you shake it.

  8. How to Cook That stans wya?!

  9. 1:25 umm? Nitrates are salty and keep meat red when you cure it for things like sausages. wtf…

  10. Boebba93 says:

    Most of this is complete bs, reported!

  11. Lindsay Dale says:

    What complete bull 💩

  12. GM Studios says:

    5 Minute Crafts CLEARLY does not know what organic means. Organic just means “grown without pesticides”. None of this weird bs about food coloring and stuff has to do with organic vs. nonorganic. It’s appalling how this massive channel is just lying to our faces.

  13. Hey, how are you? Nice video, thank you for sharing. Have an awesome week!

  14. Qamar Qaisar says:

    we watch 5 min crafts because we are bored but iam bored to watch 5 min crafts i watched it a 100000000000 times

  15. Aether Raven says:

    I’m sorry, uh, butter is normally going to float partially in the end because it has milk FATS

  16. isda says:

    I could hear Ann from How to Cook That debunking these hacks from a corner

  17. 👁👄👁 me watching this knowing damn well I don’t care if my food is organic

  18. Rox Teddy says:

    So much fake news in there. Reported

  19. How to identify organic produce at the grocery store: Look for the "9"!
    Banana 4011
    Organic Banana 94011
    Granted, you are trusting they were stickered correctly, but this is how grocery clerks know whether to charge you for organic or inorganic.

    Also, lipids do not "dissolve" in water and will only mix and stay mixed with water with the addition of an emulsifier. 5 Minute Recipes needs to take a food science course. 😔

  20. Trupti Rane says:

    Raw milk and Sault causes skin problem as per ayurveda…..🤔🤔🤔

  21. samuel komay says:

    Hope everyone knows many of these are bs

  22. Ru made says:

    This video is so full of shit. For starters it's impossible to truly label honey as "organic" because you don't control where the bees eat!

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