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Recreational marijuana sales begin in NJ: What to know

Recreational marijuana sales are officially legal starting today in New Jersey. “This is a historic step in our work to create a new …

17 thoughts on “Recreational marijuana sales begin in NJ: What to know

  1. 277 for a half ounce when around the corner it's 150 for a whole ounce 450 for a 1/4 lb…they need to be sued and then Deported

  2. John Gulotta says:

    I live outside philly from 2010 till 2020 I smoked the best weed it was usually from California or Portland or Colorado I need that quality weed the medical dispensaries in philly It's not the same quality as what I'm looking for so I'm curious is New Jersey Have the same stuff As philly or is it like CaliforniaI.i don't wanna make the drive for nothing I'm trying to find sour diesel wedding cake shark cakes super sticky tasty sativas Not dry stuff

  3. Prices are way tooo high… way I will stcik to avoiding this nonsense

  4. REV GAMING says:

    This man got on 3 different channels 😂😂

  5. ghost life says:

    It's only legal when pale people do it just fake as a black person don't give these pale dudes your money.

  6. Every stoner waiting for it to be legal everywhere

  7. Georgia catch up please

  8. I was hoping for a poor turnout to drive down the prices cause these prices are outrageous straight b.s. prices

  9. They want to dumb you down by letting this happen! Plus you'll be paying taxes on it too!

  10. Rig Rentals says:

    The future is now. Good for NJ

  11. Danny says:

    They’ll only sell you an ounce .. nothing completely legal about that.

  12. Sooo many ppl from jersey used to come to nyc for big pick ups. we've lost millions in venue from this. we're talking rents paying landlords paying tax. all gone. we used to rake it in.

  13. Unfortunately there is not a roadside sobriety test for this stuff. AAA petition against this until one could be deployed. Now accident investigations will have a major hole in them.

  14. New revenue source at what cost? The medical and pharmaceutical fields are already powerful. Now the states will have to increase funding due to the CIP issues that will be seen next year. The ERs (now referred to as Emergency Departments) are already dealing with the increase. But as long as the elected officials favorite “foundations” have had an increase of donations that’s all that matters.

  15. I too have a possession of marijuana charge. Prohibition has held back so many good people from doing great things. The feds need to get their acts in gear and legalize it across the board.

  16. D B says:

    Philthy Murphy is a pot dealer

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