QUICK AND EASY DESSERT🤩 so yummy #shorts

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32 thoughts on “QUICK AND EASY DESSERT🤩 so yummy #shorts

  1. It's called a banana boat

  2. It’s also good if you put peanut butter on it too

  3. Fairy_4321 says:

    I tried it it didn’t burn down my house

  4. MADDOGTANK says:

    I’m sorry and I didn’t really wanna bring ration of this, but this is the most white people shit I’ve ever seen this would still make no sense if you’re camping, but even if you’re camping, you at least have an excuse

  5. Sulayman Bah says:

    I will try to see, but I’m allergic to marshmallows, but still looks good😋

  6. Sasha says:

    Ahhh yes the white womanasius the worst cook on earth

  7. I did this on forest school day when I was younger and we put chocolate buttons in it and put it on a fire (I just at the chocolate) 😂

  8. Sofiia says:


  9. Jay Palmer says:

    Ima make rotten bananas 2💀

  10. SweetDem0nn says:

    U have problems, pls leave the banana alone 😭💀

  11. Are you stupid you gonna burn down the house

  12. I tried it and I don’t typically like bananas but it was definitely a 10 out of 10

  13. Jason says:

    Stuck mine in the microwave oven

  14. Wwefan13 says:

    The bananas look like they’re in the future when you wrap them in tinfoil

  15. jonason says:

    "This isn't that unhealthy" 💀

  16. duo says:

    this is my childhood. except for the marshmallows, and sometimes we would add brown sugar instead

  17. There also good for camping

  18. Hannah mpl says:

    Omg I remember making these when i was camping when i was younger

  19. Razia Khatun says:

    Why are u talking like that?

  20. did u know that bananas’ r radioactive

  21. Exlinity says:

    IT HAS A NAME, ITS CALLED A BANANA BOAT, you usually cook it next to a camp fire at a camp out

  22. I’ve made these on campfire with banana, Hershey chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallow! Mmmmmm! The peanut butter is amazing with this!

  23. Splat Shaik says:

    Worst thing in existence

  24. Myla Harrell says:

    It’s called a banana boat

  25. I’ve made this before there actually really good and there called banana boats I made them when camping

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