Does CBD Oil Break My Fast?

CBD oil has many uses, but is it fasting-friendly? Thomas DeLauer shares the science behind the answer. Get access to more …

22 thoughts on “Does CBD Oil Break My Fast?

  1. B says:

    If the two works on different systems in your body and your goal is fighting cancer, will a wide spectrum of cannabinoids in addition to prolonged fasting aid each other, or at least work well together?

  2. V T says:

    Does anyone know if smoking weed (THC) is okay while fasting cause I been fasting for 5 days while smoking.

  3. Can you make an actualizas Cbd video? I saw a Huberman lab video recently and he is not so pro Cbd use.

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  19. Roberto S says:

    Why have people with no credentials exposit technical concepts?

  20. BIG DAWG TJG says:

    Thank you for this 1

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