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HERE IS THE FIRST FULL BODY 30 day home workout program to help you guys accomplish your goals AT HOME and for FREE …


  1. Akif Aliyev says:

    Just came back here to share my 30 day journey:

    I started 30 days ago with this challenge at 192lbs.

    PS: it really helps with weight loss if you start to be aware of what you're eating. counting calories made my weight loss way easier when paired with working out everyday!

  2. The Blue Kid says:

    Would this challenge be effective for fat loss and muscle building?

  3. petjeberk says:

    Today im gonna start the πŸ’₯30 day challengeπŸ’₯!!! Who's gonna Join?πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯

  4. Mike Y says:

    Some advice for people doing these work outs that has helped me get greater results!

    1. Do each video at least 2 times
    2. Add ab work outs on the shorter videos – even 10 minutes is enough but not every day. You don’t work out other muscles everyday, you don’t need abs every day.
    3. Squeeze your abs in each rep. Having a tight core through your exercise will be tough at first but a strong core makes everything else stronger.
    4. Incorporate your breathing at the rhythm of your exercise.
    5. Go at your own pace. If you can’t do a specific exercise, use an alternative exercise which still gets the job done.
    6. Most importantly… DONT QUIT!! Results take time and effort! Eat well, drink lots of water and stick with it!!

  5. 9/01/2023: Day 1 βœ”
    10/01/2023: Day 2 βœ”
    11/01/2023: Day 3 βœ”
    12/01/2023: Day 4 βœ”
    13/01/2023: Day 5 βœ”
    14/01/2023: Day 6 βœ”
    15/01/2023: Day 7 βœ”
    16/01/2023: Day 8 βœ”
    17/01/2023: Day 9 βœ”
    18/01/2023: Day 10 βœ”
    19/01/2023: Day 11 βœ”
    20/01/2023: Day 12 βœ”
    22/01/2023: Day 13 βœ”
    30/01/2023: Day 14 βœ”
    31/01/2023: Day 15 βœ”
    1/02/2023: Day 16 βœ”
    2/02/2023: Day 17 βœ”
    3/02/2023: Day 18 βœ”
    4/02/2023: Day 19 βœ”
    5/02/2023: Day 20 βœ”
    7/02/2023: Day 21 βœ”
    9/02/2023: Day 22 βœ”
    10/02/2023: Day 23 βœ”
    11/02/2023: Day 24 βœ”
    13/02/2023: Day 25 βœ”
    14/02/2023: Day 26 βœ”
    15/02/2023: Day 27 βœ”
    16/02/2023: Day 28 βœ”
    17/02/2023: Day 29 βœ”
    20/02/2023: Day 30 βœ”

    All done πŸ’―

  6. JhayStackz says:

    January 1 weight- 155.8
    February 1 weight-


  7. Start my 30 days Today! Congrats from Brazil πŸ‡§πŸ‡· ! Lets Goooooo!

  8. I actually have a bowflex with resistance weight. Would I be able to do a challenge using this? Or do you have something better suited for that equipment?

  9. Aakash says:

    again retrying this challenge
    day 1:

  10. Lord Met says:

    Hey Man!
    Have been doing your workouts since July and they really helped me through my breakup and a hard Time. My body is feeling great and I am ready to push forward!
    My question: how do you combine the 30 day dumpell and the 30 day no equipment workout the best way?
    Thanks for everything man!

  11. leonswanks says:

    Finished my 30 day no equipment shit got me on point and I’m bout to start this today shit bout to have me right

  12. I've been following your workouts for a while and hoping to get bigger with this weighed workout program. Thank you for your content!!!

  13. Do any of these workouts hit abs? Sorry am new

  14. jeffrey duke says:

    I did this for the last 6months…just incredible results!

  15. Should I not work abs at all?

  16. Beacon for the first completion

  17. Little Fairy says:

    Hi Bully juice, I've started my workout journey to gain muscle and weight after recovering from an eating disorder. I'm 17, 5'1 and 101lbs. what weights do you think I should start with and how often should I increase them? <33

  18. Lee says:

    Thanks buddy all your videos are great thanks for sharing so much content

  19. Rispycho says:

    no rest day sir?

  20. where do you go for this 30 day challenge videos I dont see them

  21. Philip says:

    Can I start over again to day 1? after finishing it all? and adeing more weights

  22. Hello. Im new to these workouts. The video says there will be two videos to complete each day but days 1-10 only have 1 video. Am I supposed to complete those videos twice? Thank you.

  23. πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ”₯

  24. KingSaimit says:

    Just finished day 30. This is a great program to get back into working out especially if you don't have time to get to the gym

  25. simuxx. says:

    all the workouts in this video how many times do you have to repeat them?

  26. Angie Arthur says:

    This is awesome. I have been wanting to incorporate weights in my workout. I will definitely do this challenge. Thank you Bullyjuice!!

  27. Karl Sacro says:

    Gonna try this today 1month workout dumbbells. Im excited

  28. KingSaimit says:

    Day 17 is no joke. I feel great though

  29. jroxygen00 says:

    Thanks for making it free! Thank you so much 😊😊

  30. Ryan Willis says:

    Love these BullyJuice workouts! I have definitely toned up and built more muscle mass, especially with the dumbbell workouts. I have completed the 30 day no equipment, the 45 day no equipment, and I just finished this particular 30 day dumbbell workout regime! Looking forward to the next dumbbell routine and to getting these gains!! πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾 much love brotha keep doing your thing!

  31. GMJ says:

    Im doing this along with the 30 day no equipment challenge ! Let’s see how it goes

  32. Yahhas says:

    on the last day! Unfortunately literally walked 15km today but will still push and finish it and then start over with little higher weights

  33. icybay says:

    Just finished all 30 days and I’m satisfied with the results. This brought me into the rhythm of working out again and helped build my discipline and motivation to work out. Thank you so much!

  34. TropicSyno says:

    Is this good for athletes

  35. Can you make dumbell part two πŸ₯Ί

  36. Will He Is says:

    This was really my best friend when I was at my lowest. Thank you πŸ™

  37. Sir, when to do stretching after workout or before?

  38. mhmtLpIt says:

    Hey man!

    First of all, I really want to thank you for all that beautiful content you put on Youtube. You really are my personal coach, I follow your videos like its a holy book. I wanted to ask you something. I am trying to combine your challenges to challenge myself even further. Currently I will start to do your 30 DAY AT HOME WORKOUT PLAN(NO EQUIPMENT)(1.4m views) and this challenge plan so I do day 1 from each videos in one day back to back and I also do running 2 hours 2-3 times a week and on those days I skip challenge days. I wanted to ask you if these 2 challenge schedules work good together or do you think it will be too much on muscle groups?

    Again thanks a lot for your help, god bless you and your beautiful family. Take care!

  39. Olivia Dyer says:

    I am currently doing a workout challenge right now but I only have about 10 more days left on that one. I am going to try this for sure because it seems as though many people enjoy it and get results!! Can’t wait!!

  40. gagung dari says:

    Just complete completed 30 days no equipment routine. Now feeling more healthy and more confident. Next I'm doing this dumbells routine. Show some love ❀❀ guys please like and subscribe he's doing it for totally free

  41. Can anyone recommend whether I should repeat a dumbell workout on specific day for a more intense workout or instead add a cardio workout?

  42. How many times should we do these a day

  43. Ali Imran says:

    Where the links mate ?

  44. Time for a 45 day DB challenge?? πŸ™‚

  45. Jeremy B says:

    Just finished 45 day challenge. How are these 30 day workouts?

  46. Ayash Roy says:

    Mission Accomplished …(mission accomplished 4 the 2nd time,πŸ”˜)πŸ”΄

  47. AdarshLeena says:

    Bully I don't know if you would see this but u changed my life with ur videos πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  48. should we do the workout from a video once or more?

  49. Jason K says:

    Just finished the 30 day no equipment challange. So gassed to start this one.

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