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PUMPKIN PIE OVERNIGHT OATS | Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Meal Prep In Advance!


47 thoughts on “PUMPKIN PIE OVERNIGHT OATS | Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Meal Prep In Advance!

  1. Kayfa Che says:

    what a proper woman, i look for the same qualities for a companion, god bless whatta recipe

  2. Okay, to me and Im going to make this tonight, but all I want to say is gross.. Yuk.. That looks horrid.. But I'm about to make it myself. And I subscribed. So tata for now.. Mahalo!

  3. Rosa Coria says:


  4. My Account says:

    I heard your accent and knew I would like your recipes!! Subbed!

  5. Ash Bash says:

    I love your accent!

  6. Melisse says:

    Love this recipe thanks

  7. I cannot tell you enough how much I am TRULY enjoying all of your healthy meal prep videos.. I've been watching for over 2 hours!!! You are AMAZING! Please keep these up, and THANK YOU so so so much!!!!!!!!! <3

  8. Nishi says:

    Looks awesome. Did try making this with True Elements Rolled oats and it turned out perfect. Thanks for sharing! Do try once

  9. I made 2 jars of this today so I will have them prepped for the next couple of days! I used flax seeds in mine since that is what I had in the pantry. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Yes, congrats on your upcoming wedding! Very happy for you!

  11. Will definitely be trying these! I made your pumpkin oatmeal muffins and I liked them! Even my son did. They will be a healthier substitute for a pastry for my coffee in the morning

  12. Jackie R says:

    More fall recipes please.🍁🍂🌰

  13. Jackie R says:

    Another great recipe, thanks.👌🏻

  14. Sheri Chustz says:

    Oh my goodness, these are soooooooo good!!!! Filling and super tasty!!!

  15. Jazzy Nails says:

    Just ordered my meal prep glass container and got my groceries list from your website Starting my journey Monday. Thank you for putting groceries list that helps so much. ❤️ and you season everything finally someone who season there food , you made It so much easier for me 😂 🤣


    I hope you get this but I keep getting conflicting information on measuring meat to be able to track it correctly. Do I weigh my meat before or after it’s cooked? Like I’m not going to only cook 3-4 oz of meat at a time. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  17. Can we use flax seed meal instead of chia seeds?

  18. I’ve just started watching you, and love your recipes! Congratulations on your engagement! I’m so happy for you!! You have wonderful times ahead! ❤️🥰

  19. This recipe looks so good! Gonna try it out😍

  20. Gabby Linch says:

    I just found your channel and have already cooked 2 of yours recipes, waiting for some avocados to ripen for the 3rd recipe. This one will definitely be added to the 4th! Not only are they healthy but so mouthwatering delicious too. Makes me think why I haven’t been eating healthy this entire time.

  21. Tiffanihopee says:


  22. Beth Kroa says:

    I made a batch tonight for tomorrow. (Sampled it and it was great!)

  23. Beautiful couple congratulations

  24. That looks great!! Can't wait to try it

  25. Hello there ☺️

  26. John Newby says:

    Oats have a protein in them called Avenin which acts almost identical to the protein Gluten in the gut so if you're gluten sensitive beware of all oats

  27. Emily Mosley says:

    Made these oats last night and breakfast was SO yummy!

  28. Mikkie Puch says:

    Congrats!!!! ❤And can't wait to try this recipe 😋

  29. Congratulations to you both!!! 🎉💍 your ring is beautiful 🤩
    Thank you for this recipe, I’ll try this tonight!

  30. shayesteh says:

    😍👌👌بسیار عالی

  31. Syd N says:

    You must’ve read my mind girl, I’ve been needing some prep ahead breakfasts!! Congrats on your engagement sis!!

  32. Tina Jae says:

    Congratulations!! 🙏🏼❤️

  33. Darci Clark says:

    I just do not like chia seeds, I’m allergic to hemp hearts what else could I add instead?

  34. Bubbles says:

    Just made this, it's ready for the morning. UPDATE: DELICIOUS!

  35. cheryl close says:


  36. Ribka Rushby says:

    Oh I can’t wait to try this! I looooove love love pumpkin pie so much 🥺 Thank you for this recipe & congratulations on your engagement!! 💍🥂🍾💞

  37. Dana Renken says:

    ❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️ CONGRATULATIONS!!

  38. Julie E says:


  39. Sarah Rojas says:

    Congratulations 😁

  40. Yaaay girl!! Congratulations Kayla I’m so happy for you❤️ I cannot wait to try this recipe and can you also let me know where you got the large glass canister that you have your oats in it?

  41. Enisa Sefer says:

    Congratulations 🥰🥰

  42. Ef Hessar says:

    It looks 😍🙏❤️

  43. Congratulations!🎉 God be with you in your new beginning.🙏💞

  44. Emma P. says:

    I love pumpkin season thank you so much I can't wait to try these overnight oats 😍

  45. This one looks soo delicious!


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