CBD Oil Benefits and Who Should Try It

Who should take CBD and what are the benefits of CBD? UK TV’s Dr Christian Jessen CBD educational series in partnership with …

3 thoughts on “CBD Oil Benefits and Who Should Try It

  1. Hi I make herbal natural products. I’d like to make a salve for chronic pain applied to the skin. I would normally infuse an herb in oil then use it in my product. But here in U.K. I am unable to obtain the plane dried materiel of cannabis. So in forced to look at buying an oil that is already infused with cannabis. My question is, will a cbd oil that I can buy here in the U.K. be suitable to use as my pain relieving ingredient to use in my salve? And if so which oil would I buy, what would I need to be looking for in a cbd oil? Thank you pity I can’t get the dried plant materiel to infuse in my own oil

  2. I had this problem too. This is what I used Weedborn CBD products for 🙂

  3. Can I take it for osteoporosis.

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