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Best Beginner Workout Plan 2023 🏋️

GRAB our HOME GYM WORKOUT PLAN here: Buff Dudes Beginner Home Gym Workout Routine …

41 thoughts on “Best Beginner Workout Plan 2023 🏋️

  1. NinjaYT says:

    I love those Viking guys

  2. Mike says:

    Do you guys ship to germany?

  3. Mike says:

    Im trying to become a buff bastard.

  4. Hey guys thank you so much for this plan, bought it & I’m excited to finally get in shape!

    My question is i’m not even able to get into a deep squat on my own, I fall backwards, so should I use no weight or very little weight to start and maybe only 1-2 sets instead of 5? this would apply to all other exercises right? is this plan also doable with only 20lb dumbbells to start? It’s all I have before investing in a home gym! Also should I not even worry about nutrition for the first month and just eat normally before cracking down hard and counting calories and macros?
    thanks a million, you guys have taught me a lot and been a huge inspiration throughout the years!

  5. I love the in depth info on each workout this helps so much

  6. I’m curious as to why it’s bar flat bench twice a week instead of dips on day 3

  7. Ben Ji says:

    I find your lack of breath disturbing…

  8. Mr. Timn says:

    Lmao I don’t understand. Where do you start. God with these guidelines my body will be completely disproportionate

  9. Samyar says:

    Amazing 👌

    Tho I had a question
    I really want to workout more than 3 days a week.
    At least 4 or 5 (right now I go 6 and it's been only a month since I've been going to the gym but I love it it makes me feel better about myself)

    So what can I do about extra days that I want to workout??

  10. NYOOOOOM says:

    I just restarted my gym journey after taking a few years off due to life stuff, and a friend recommended me your channel.
    This is gonna be a HUGE help for me getting back into the swing of things, and I'm glad you included the alternatives to normal pull-ups, because I'm more than just a little bit overweight right now, and my shoulders would leave the chat if i tried to do a normal pullup.
    Thanks for doing what you do!

  11. RhoyalBaib'e says:

    As an ex personal trainer and current LMT/CMT IM sending luvvv and Blessings out 2 you hood brothas for entr ding the gospel of proper Weight bearing exercise~ exercise training 2 tha Human and other population.
    As always

    Please keep doing whatchu doin U R making a difference on our planet , world 🌍 🔥🔥🔥
    03/27/2023 06:41.00:44PAM OST Sunday

  12. Hamstrings? Glutes? For lower back safety and muscle balance?

  13. dave cao says:

    Good for beginners

  14. Jack Acid says:

    Deadlifts always, and I mean always, give me sciatica. I am fit, supple, and pay strict attention to form, but it makes zero difference. What can I do as an alternative, gents?

  15. Sugam Kumar says:

    Sir your looking at thor

  16. bent over rows wrecked my back!

  17. CarL Luis says:

    I always wonder how to do squats properly . Thank you very much for explaining the proper procedures that many never discussed. GREAT VIDE0 TUT0RIAL!! Thumps UPP!!

  18. Could I swap pull ups for lat pulldown?

  19. Eric Murano says:

    Thanks so much for the in-depth video! I think I'll be trying this programme instead of my usual beginner's programme!

  20. zecalimazeca says:

    this is what I needed and was looking for. Thank you and hugs from Brazil

  21. Tell your video guy that 24fps is better. Easier to stream and better quality.

  22. Can anyone tell me what does a set mean, please?

  23. Is this also for fat-burning? I wanna loose weight, but not sure if this is the best workout for that? 🫶🏾

  24. I hope I get a reply here because I really need some insight.

    Why in the hell is everyone promoting this 5×5 workout (I've done it for the past 8 years as well) as a beginner workout? I've been doing these wrong for the longest time just because I kept focusing on strength and my targeting and form weren't atrocious, but also never very good. Since 4-5 months I've been working on time under tenision, ROM, MMC and increased intensity coupled with volume. 5×12 for compound movements and 5×20 on all maschines and isolated muscels. For squats and bench I try to go to 70% of Max with 2-3 perfect reps trying to vary technical aspects like frontsquats into lowbar squats and incline then decline bench. I've never realised how the body moves properly until now… Focusing on contraction, activating the muscle, squeezing the F out of it seems a lot more important for a beginner than 5×5. Then you see skinny dudes doing half squat half goodmorning reps just to get those two plates moving…. Am I wrong here?

  25. Thanks for the shirtless videos. I recently got tired of going to gyms and lift WTH A T SHIRT for 20 years and created my own gym at home by the pool , and 7 of my buddies joined me for workouts in shorts…not strapped to a piece of material soaking from sweat.
    I don't know what MAN wouldn't appreciate videos , gyms or a Workout Buddy lifting without a shirt! Is natural , normal, comfortable, and doesn't matter what shape or age, we are men! And men have nothing that should be offensive to anyone above our waistline (or below but leave it to the extremists) . Or if we did, we would be wearing some sort of TOP at the beach, pool, sauna, etc.
    Why don't they react all offended to BOXING matches that everyone can see ? Perhaps would be even better to try that….children wouldn't see the blood running from their faces on to their SHIRTLESS chests
    ..because a SHIRT would make it less visible! …red t shirts would be perfect!
    Wrestlers don't use a t shirt ….yes is not good….but hey…those Bonners going everywhere in front of the cameras …wow
    Maybe is a little bitty MORE distraction or Vulgar than a bare chest.
    -Enjoy your shirtless workout as I do and leave the ignorant, hater critics try to dismiss all those comparisons!
    Cheers !

  26. Hey Buff dudes, beginner dude here. Great video and excited to start working with these exercises but as in previous attempts to start working out I usually just get sore biceps. I don't know how to engage my pecks for example when doing a bench press. Will not knowing how to activate specific muscle groups be detrimental to my progress? Thanks DUDES!

  27. mark rogowin says:

    The trainer also appears to understand what guys want.

  28. mark rogowin says:

    I like these guys they feel comfortable with themselves and understand weighlifting.

  29. Good video, but why don't professionals ever talk about how to determine how much weight you should be lifting? As a middle aged man, who has attempted to start working out many times, this has always been my hangup. I do too little or way too much…

  30. this is the video i needed but i didn’t know existed

  31. Nice Chi Gong pre workout .

  32. William says:

    When do you move up the weight?

  33. Di Ma says:

    Got a year subscribtion yesterday, paused ur video for my day one today, do that then watch day 2, pause etc, wish me luck

  34. Is it a good idea to do cardio on the rest days? Or does cardio fit in at all anywhere?

  35. Arthur S says:

    I got a beard, I got a man bun, I’m trendy doing exercise videos….yeeaaaahhh!

  36. I've been doing chin ups almost every day I only get 4 should I still do the warmup first then chin ups when my body if fresh? Then do the workout after?

  37. Excellent!. After watching a lot of videos I finally see this one that makes total sense and provides a specific guide to develop a Workout program. Thank you !!!

  38. Choo Roo says:

    As you guys are aging you are becoming more distinguished and powerful. Like a barbarian in a video game or some kind of Viking berserker. Loving it!

  39. Noah Spence says:

    Thanks for this video guys! My son (14) wants to start going to the gym so we're going to start with this workout. He's trying out for the varsity soccer team this fall and wants to get in shape. He'll have to run back-to-back 7-minute miles with a little rest in between so we're going to work that in somehow too.

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