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BEST 15 min Beginner Workout for Fat Burning (NO JUMPING HIIT!!!)


21 thoughts on “BEST 15 min Beginner Workout for Fat Burning (NO JUMPING HIIT!!!)

  1. emi wong says:

    I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. idk says:

    how many calories does this workout kill?

  3. hey y’all! Thsi workout works so stop scrolling and get going

  4. mary marie says:

    Quase vou de comes e bebes aqui, mas gostei e quero repetir mais vezes 😂 pingando de suor mas inteira

  5. Jj Sun says:

    Hi how many calories would you say this 15min hit work out burns? Thanks ❤

  6. This was the first time I tried something like this and it was extremely fun. I just hope I can do it consistently 🙏 Thank you for the video

  7. Kim._.taetae says:

    Guys! We can do it! Don't give up and do it! Thank you Emi ily 💕

  8. Slimer says:

    Current weight-60
    Goal- 50
    Day-1 done
    Day-2 done

  9. janani s.p. says:

    Hey all , I should be feeling wrong for not liking how my body is just the way it is but somehow I feel so insecure and I am sure I am not confident enough to be myself, so here I am doing something that my body deserves to be healthy . It was my first day and I am going to do it for 30 days . Let’s see is I see any weight loss or inch loss at all
    Day1. Done ✅

  10. I'll reply to this comment everytime I finish this workout

  11. tysm this realy helped me ty for ur video

  12. KYU says:

    Start @ 1:30
    April 17 – done

  13. kocinriciri says:

    Thank you for this. ❤

  14. -diaper says:

    i am going to be doing this everyday before summer!
    my current weight is 119
    day 1: ✅

  15. Sammie Jane says:

    How many calories does doing the video burn?

  16. Jovina says:

    I’m planning to do this workout for 2 weeks. Wish me luck!!
    Current weight: 64kg
    DAY 1: completed. It was so hard but I pushed myself to complete the workout
    DAY 2: completed. I sweated a lot but still I managed to complete it

  17. I haven't worked out in a YEAR in which I got surgery on my leg broke it and sprained my ankle (yeah) but I'm so proud I could finish it (I took like 3 long breaks but it's fine)

  18. buram says:

    i was able to finish the workout in one go!

    i’m currently 58kg with my goal being 50-52kg. i’ll post an update in a month’s time! i’m planning on losing 2kg ish in one month. 🙂

  19. Jess says:

    BEGINNER?!?! NAH!!! Lol im not even a beginner but this kicked my butt

  20. How many times a week should you do this?

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