Autism Son Tries CBD Oil

We travel to Nevada to try CBD oil with Ian. In Utah the laws are rapidly changing and there is A LOT of conflicting information at …

26 thoughts on “Autism Son Tries CBD Oil

  1. Allykins17 says:

    I used to take that stuff for my anxiety.

  2. What time of the day do you provide it?

  3. dan dollard says:

    It's a bit far for ya but Massachusetts is the place to get the best medical cannabis. My dog suffers from severe separation anxiety. He gets bacon flavor cbd+thc 1:1 oil in the morning. No more cleaning up garbage when we get home

  4. Jan Szakacs says:

    It works why stop it?????

  5. Ralph says:

    See I'm not close to my godparents to my brother and sister and you have to have. I wish I had no sad God parents but I love him but they tell me stuff all the time about my artistic kids and what I should do with them. And so you don't even have children you will live with each other all your children. You know you're telling me how to raise my children and it's like the husband and wife. It's like. Grow up these cells and get married and have kids you'll get you to enjoy it. I have absolutely no idea what that month did one of them has all time as a substance she wanted to go to the doctor and I don't know. What helped my files doing what number that happened? Wr don't even talk unless we at Christmas some this Easter 😒

  6. Ralph says:

    See even when FM went my kids and I don't bump into a very often but I do see him I see him all the time I'm talking. A whole lot of time when I go back home and yeah you live in a better little little little bit more about a neighborhood it's a very good neighborhood. As well actually because you can't grow livestock and stuff like that. It is yes a very good place the schools are good. And there's a little dispensary it's a nice slow dispensary. I haven't knocked on an Internet because I go to one that. My friend works at and just knows what I want know because he is his son knows Me Too! So and his son knows a lot about it and he is legal and my son his son preferred me to a hybrid for anxiety and it works so well. But it's just they sell it so won't match. But it's both when it's coarse and I hope it's not he says he'll help me as. Much as we can find something better but I have them finding a lot more sativa's just mix it with a high bread for schizophrenia and it. Works very well I like it but see I don't even know if I'm scared to Frank but I am and it helps me so much.

  7. Ralph says:

    Hey I can't wait until I smoke marijuana with my autistic son. I just can't wait to blaze one up with them when hes legal and I'm gonna make sure that happens Hey if he hates you he. Goes off on his own with his friends and they smoke pot. I'm not gonna be mad there parents might be but I will say. Hey? We. All did it when did you grow up??

  8. Ralph says:

    Thank you😂

  9. Ralph says:

    Your sister is cool but I also know a lot about marijuana but I'm not in the field but I do have people who I have just bumped. Into an old friend and he says hes making edibles for dispencer is I haven't tried it but I do want to try and but I. Don't like dummies but I want to try his cause he. We used to be so close and we did everything right? But we used to smoke and drive all the time and OK. I agree you shouldn't be drunk behind the whale but. There's there's only been a few accidents involving marijuana with drinking up with smoking and driving. But I but I can't be a hypocrite myself because I've never drove a cat drunk because certain things happen and they're very hard to talk about. But I would tell you what my friends did and they were only 14 years old and that it was trauma for me so I smoked my brains out of 14 years old to get rid of the pain and I still do smoke but I was told to talk to a friend of mind and I touch him not too. Long ago but he also has autistics. But hes way old than mine. He's 23 years old and but hes just kids like the same age. Just me but it's like almost like 4 years in different but we were. We're cool at sometimes but we weren't very close and he gave me a lot of grief because he was big and I mean but he was the. Nicest person to a lot of people and he doesn't remember me but I did not know. He had an autistic son that was 23 years old. He must be like 28 now it's like. And he says he spoke to us kids every day because he never changed for his kids. You know marijuana wise but he reason why he seems like? I want to quit drunk and I want to quit drinking as well but and we did for a long time. But? Something you. Know? I aint. Gonna have. To have a couple from my mom you? Know. My gorillas I'm gonna go with my gorilla's butt I don't? Want. To? Be. Drinking if I had? Utah state laws he had to go through with we. We don't buy thing from the state stores here cause. It's way too expensive cause they're taxing out the bomb. We are very smart people but not as smart as you are but we're very streetwise too and we do things very differently and you'd like a. Lot of things we do but some of them are very funny but some of them is serious. I would not tell you about them because. It's like war but it's over but you you'd like one of the stories that you know it's resolved and 1 of them I want at. My I want him to see him call you sometime. There's actually 2 others who are my absolute best friends that we are truly friends and we just got to be getting back together and heat and one of them. Is just one of the spouse kids I know? And he has a little brother. He is like 12 years younger than me. We always like the little guy but he also has the same Condition almost as my son we we've truly best friends and we see each other as much as I. Can I seen him today for like maybe? An hour and I didn't get to see a song. But his son does better than mine with mobility and his brother's very smart. He's living on his own so my son is gonna be living on his own soon and I you know I was worried about him but I. Don't have to be worried about him because I know hes gonna do as well as my friend's kid and. That's why I loved the plant still and plus what it did for my mom when she was terminally ill and we do love marijuana hair.

  10. keiko san says:

    If God exists, we thank Him for the creation of this plant.

  11. Ralph says:

    You gotta respect the plant no matter what kind of if it's CBD oil or THC because THE helped my mom a lot. She didn't want CB to oil. She wanted to be stand I miss my mom so much and I helped her out so much and she was so proud of me she told me she was so. Proud of me and you're such a good kid. I gave her and I was taking care of her but. I didn't like it and you know what I'm kind of know what I'm saying? But marijuana helped my mother so well. That's why I will always love the plant but I love I always love the plant anyway. It's a plant and it's my favorite plant. II love marijuana I love the way I love the marijuana leaf and you gotta respect. Marijuana because it helped a lot of people when it was OK to smoke marijuana but now it's legal now they have problems with. Kids smoking pot growing up yeah. Your brains need to be formed but I have smoked with my older kids but I'm not they wanted to smoke when they're illegal they can't my. Sons turns 21 very soon and I can't wait to smoke with them. I don't know what 1 is gonna be but it's gonna probably be 21st birthday. II loved. It was different back done cause marijuana was everywhere but now it's so tightly sealed here because it's legal the kids cannot get it because I. Don't know people wanna go to spend some weeks? But now it's Phantom everywhere and I had a lot of friends that I have a phone to know and I hate that drug cause I had to take it. But I was not addicted to it cause. I did not like it and I did not take it. I don't need fentanyl's disgust that I don't take anything over 800 mthe gram multi 800 is something like that but then they didn't not they remain tracking down on us. It's so hot to get properly medicated here because of drug addict. I don't know why they would do that to people who need this these medicines here in Massachusetts I know. It was a different way you are too but I have no idea I had to find out because if I can't find I forgot to make some sick. I won't give it to him if you get some diarrhea. I will. Never? Give it to him ever again. But if he wants to try it again when hes old enough to tell me he wants to and I believe him hes gonna try it whether. It's legal or not and I'll fight it

  12. Ralph says:

    They just sent these kids to high school kids to the hospital cause they brought edible gun beers or something like something gummies like showed the bag and then. You actually look pretty good yeah you don't know where they're gonna from where did they get them but do you know how much I used to love? Grown my it's time to go to the hospital just for a precaution. I'm sure they haven't we're having the time of their life because. I can tell you about my history and the I'm gonna. Take a lot of it's funny and how are you grow up? Hey? I'm I'm autistic but if I'm not my kid's eye but Hey I have fun with marijuana and I love the plant I've. Stopped for a long time. I'm almost 4 years with these kids but I'm not gonna lose them over a plant.❤

  13. Ralph says:

    Yeah I'd like to try cbd oil one of my kids but I live in Massachusetts and I'm lost so straight oh my God youou not. Believe that you must know how if hes still in the field how the laws I have in Massachusetts. How? Strict they are with guns alcohol especially with minors. But Hey these are my kids I didn't do. About a year ago and I don't know if a given direct cause he has diarrhea a lot so I didn't use it again and I got rid. Of it I just got rid of it because I wanna get stoned when? I what it becomes it's just a plant and then. I think you'd respect how I grew up and what I did because I did not know that you gave your kids CBD oil because I did. N't seen this I just stumbled upon the video and I'm thinking my son May need TVD oil. But hes 5 years old and even I am gonna say hes too young. This is how I wanna raise my child and I? Think that's how you maybe he doesn't need it. But I tried it with a different kid and I don't know if it maybe I need a brand like this. Do they still make it? I don't even know if I can give it to my kids in Massachusetts so I won't but when I do smoke. I have a very high tolerance but I don't have anymore. It's almost like I'm getting that 1st. Buzz like when I 1st started smoking marijuana at copy book? A. Little? Older. Than you send in the video and a lot of it is very funny and there was some I couldn't can't tell you about but I'd tell. It in a different way in the island it's so cool. I haven't seen her. I mean I just stumbled upon another video but I think it's Arthur or before this while. I'm not too sure and it's about the gummies. The melatonin gummy's also cause I used melatonin but it's very slow dthe time is coming. I've ever seen for medication and the divorce for a while but then I don't know because he don't need it anymore. You know pretty much he does have a little issue but hes doing very well getting to sleep at least with me all the time and hes falling. Asleep with me every night except the food at least the last few months. He's been so much better with to sleep. I'm raising the kids the way. I want to not the way the Ali's law but if he needs that he is very young. I haven't tried it with him yet and it's just like a stomach issue then. It's like why bother even looking at this up but I am bored to find out like cause. I didn't see one thing. I'm I hadn't really seen it on the news. Today I don't watch the news around my kids. Sometimes and it's just so that the loss is just so strict here

  14. Sara S says:

    I ordered cbd THC free, will it work differently since its not full spectrum? I didnt want it to have THC. Please let me know.

  15. Andrew Ross says:

    THC and CBD is excellent. I have high functioning autism and get prescription cannabis.

  16. Toney Strong says:

    I also have a 7year old son who has Autism can't talk were trying but also so super active

  17. Sr Orlando v says:

    Cannabis saved my life also my doc prescribed resperadone also but I don't take it anymore Cannabis is my life saver now

  18. Steffie C says:

    The worst thing u can do to a normal family is call cps because of how they feel. They dont live your life. They could never know and refuse to see how you might feel or how your son might feel.

  19. Michael says:

    It seems funny for such a legal disclaimer for CBD oil. It’s funny to think how much things have changed in the last few years. One incorrect thing is that hemp is cannabis. It is just a different strain that has practically no thc (delta 9). Cbd won’t get you high and is safe for anyone.

  20. This is a great videos thanks too bad it's people out here that would call child services on something like this . I hope things get better for your son soon.

  21. ratzfert says:

    I was trying 5 years ago giving CBD for my daughter but the school psychiatrist took it away because she fell asleep during the day in class, they called me for a meeting since the weren't sure what I gave her and my daughter didn't lie since she's always honest, so wondering how come they don't know I was applying that I'm trying to see if the anxiety might become easier on her, but they refused not knowing anything about it.

  22. Morgan says:

    750mg is very week CBD My stuff has 100mg per ml. I think your dose of only a few drops is not high enough dose.


  24. Dorky Fork says:

    I'm from Reno too this could help me and my mom so much thank you!!

  25. F-22R says:

    Try Turmeric instead, i find it calms me down more than cbd and is a lot safer.

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