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30 Minute Full Body Beginner Dumbbell Workout [With Modifications]

Tap in with us for a 30 minute dumbbell strength workout—especially if you’re a beginner who needs guidance with weight …

22 thoughts on “30 Minute Full Body Beginner Dumbbell Workout [With Modifications]

  1. Juice & Toya says:

    Drop a comment and let us know if you like this beginner workout! 🔥

  2. Alexis Ernst says:

    Love the modifications! I try to start strong but it is nice to revert back to a modification.

  3. Started couple of days late but did it with 25-20-15 lbs combinations depending on muscle group. Feels great!

  4. j z says:

    nice workout thank you guys .

  5. J GATES says:

    1:57a – Summer Body 2023! I made it thru the whole video. 2 days behind on start; had some other stuff going on, but I did it👏

  6. My all time fav workout! Love starting this challenge off with this one ❤

  7. Summer 2023 day 1 done!

  8. Iniciamos la semana! GRACIAS

  9. Corie Kerry says:

    I did this yesterday on day 1 and forgot to comment. It's an easy going pace and I was going to take a rest day but this was definitely a doable workout.

  10. S. W. says:

    Week 1 Day 1. Starting behind but just doing it at all counts 😊

  11. Becky R says:

    W1D1 summer ready challenge ‘23. I love this one. I missed it for day one but did along with day 2. This is a great first workout for people to do using dumbbells.

  12. Sam Hanton says:

    Day 1 done. Ready for day two!

  13. Great Workout, I’ve been doing this workout for a while so it was a pleasure to see it again for the summer challenge 😊 My favorite part is the loaded sit up and overhead sit up since I’m trying to target my belly fat. Slide planks are my enemies lol

  14. Day 1 complete of the 4 week program. After a long day at work and taking care of my family who are sick, I am proud of myself of being able to push myself to workout!

  15. Day 1!! I just completed today’s workout. I feel great😁 I’m very happy to start this program with many others. Let’s persevere💪

  16. Day 1 down!!! I love working out with y'all!! Let's keep rocking family. We got this!

  17. Danyell says:

    I neva, eva have the energy to work out at night… After work…After putting the kids to bed. Until tonight. Summer Ready W1D1 complete!

  18. Praise be to God that I finished this ! Thirty days ! Blessings to all ! May the Lord Jesus Christ guide y’all’s workout ! To God be the Glory !

  19. Day 1 – summer challenge

  20. Day 1 – summer challenge ❤

  21. W1D1 #Summerreadychallenge 15/20lbs on my lifting! This was a great workout this morning 😊

  22. Week One Day One! ✅. Great way to start the week!🏋🏾

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