Vegan Recipes


EASY dinner recipes with vegan wine pairings! Full dinner recipes below. Kind of Wild Wines …


  1. Anita K says:

    All are fantastic, thanks for sharing 😋🧡

  2. Where do you find vegan chicken that isn’t rubbery? Yummy btw

  3. Kara Montoya says:

    I feel like your recipes are so unique and so intentional. Everything I’ve made from you is so delicious 🤤

  4. I think the second recipe could also be put into tartlets and baked.
    I always think your recipes look so easy and delicious. However I haven’t tried that many. I honestly think I mostly watch your channel to learn something about flavor combination and also I just love your vibe. I’m not trying to be rude, just honest about my laziness 😅

  5. Ashley Chang says:

    I love that you gave a shout out to the pickle tacos. I ate those so much when first trying to go vegan and I completely forgot about them! I need to make them now asap!

  6. Hi Nikki, could you possibly add a link to where to find your little chopper. Much thanks😊

  7. Barb Hunter says:

    I can't wait to try those subs Thank you for the recipe!!

  8. K says:

    YUM!! 🤤 Thanks for sharing ✨☀️🧡🔆

  9. ForestWitch says:

    I just made the tacos and they were delicious! I used tempeh instead of chickpeas or the vegan chicken. Highly recommend!

  10. These subs look amazing 🥰 can't wait to try the recipe 😋

  11. I can’t wait to try these recipes!! Thank you.

  12. Your videos bring me so much happiness when I watch them <3

  13. I wasn’t hungry till I watched your video Nikki! Exquisite presentation!

  14. Cherhonda says:

    Who's hitting a Home Run with every video? ⚾ Nikki Vegan💃🏽That's Who🥳

  15. M a r i a says:

    Beautifully shot as always!

  16. ForestWitch says:

    Wow! You never miss the mark Nikki

  17. Sarah says:

    Everything looks so delicious! Would like to try making the vegan meatballs first. Do you think i can use canned mushrooms? I have extra so I was wondering….

  18. Hey – pls tell me what pan u are using in this video ? Lovely ideas for dinner ! So bored of my own cooking

  19. YASSS NIKKI!!! I always have wondered why you don’t always give wine pairings since you’re a wine expert lol omg thank you for thissss!!!

  20. Yaay. It's not a good day unless it's a Nikki vegan day!!! You were the first vegan YouTuber I subscribed to and you're my go to if I'm feeling a bit low.
    I think you're brilliant. Loving the recipes xxxx

  21. Gina L says:

    These are all great but I am loving that meatball recipe. Been looking for easy foolproof ways to utilize all the different kinds of lentils.

  22. That casserole looks awesome!

  23. Mushrooms would be a good chicken substitute

  24. Stephanie says:

    I love that pot pie idea! I’ve never thought to use bread but it looks so delicious! I’ll definitely have to try 😊

  25. These recipes look absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for sharing 🙏🏻

  26. CorCor says:

    Nikki, I never never made a taco with street corn before. But after seeing how much your tacos looks like the corn is the star of the dish, I definitely will be now.

  27. J Bell917 says:

    Each recipe looks fantastic 😍 The only trouble is…I can't stand chickpeas! Is there another bean I could substitute? People always say cheese is the hardest to give up but for me chickpeas are the hardest to add! 😁😒

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