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20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT (Intense Routine, No Equipment)

Do This Every Morning To Feel Fit! it’s a twenty minute full body workout that you can do ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME! If you ever …

46 thoughts on “20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT (Intense Routine, No Equipment)

  1. Pragya Singh says:

    Is this exercise is beneficial for runners

  2. Тут идеально всё: разнообразные тренировки без повторений, не лёгкие, но и не слишком тяжёлые упражнения, заряжающая музыка, спасибо вам за это комбо❤

  3. Кларк says:

    Ты крутая

  4. Kama_Fruits says:

    I just found your channel today and im very insecure of my stomach i really wanted to be fit so i tried this out and i learned that i shouldent change the way i look just to please someone else. i still work out and im changing for myself. Thank you 🙂

  5. I salaute to ur stamina ❤

  6. hetvi hetvi says:


  7. Carolina Ort says:

    It’s so creative!!!! And it mixes a lot of exercises, I really enjoyed it:) 10/10

  8. LA says:

    Amazing workout but what about if you suffer of cervical problems 😢…I'd like to see the variations

  9. Esta rutina ayuda a aumentar masa muscular?

  10. pnandhra2008 says:

    Thank you.
    1) love the variety
    2) love that the stretches are incorporated into the time
    3) it's one of the first thing I've done today and 1k steps are already done!

  11. Caramel Rose says:

    I like how you work out and very nice moves their different

  12. The first song plis ? Thanks ❤ !

  13. Kay B. says:

    I love this workout without equipment. 🥰 I can do this in my living room at home. 💪🏼 I’m sweating after 15 minutes. I love your shoes by the way. What brand are those?

  14. Miz says:

    Looks really fun!

  15. SIGMA says:

    Sophie finally God sent this workout for me hahah im so picky about them

  16. What a great video. I gonna break this down in a video!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  17. Dream Lover says:

    so this will work on ur love handles stomach butt legs arms armpit? PLS RESPOND I HAVE A LIL TIME <3

  18. Red Blacc says:

    🔥🔥great workout!! I love that there was no break in between moves!!

  19. Heather H. says:

    Tomorrow, man. Look out. Here I come

  20. Клас, привіт з України!!!!🌻

  21. Lyazid Rahal says:

    that Smile makes the world seem beautiful an everything is really possible ,xo

  22. is this good to burn off muffin tips and thigh fat?

  23. Girl you tried to kill me lol i stopped 10 mins in to get water but definitely gonna keep pushing until i can finish the whole thing

  24. im gonna try it right now

  25. I appreciate Sophie sharing those wonderful exercise videos. Because I can fit them in even with all the craziness at home, I love the 20-minute full-body exercises. That was very enjoyable and enjoyable to accomplish.

  26. thank you this helped me because my bf/ex f@t shamed me so thanks 😁🥰

  27. Uzjad Djazu says:

    Hey Sophie, I am wondering if you could add a description about the seperate exercises as I am starting new into workouts? Or do you have a Channel you would recommend for it? Love the music and your strentgh. Greetings, Doro (this is the Channel of my boyfriend)

  28. Damn why they ain’t no 20 sec breaks ? 🤣

  29. sarah rose says:

    i loved this workout but i would love if you put a video clip for the up next moves. idk why but i get confused if i don’t see it before i do it!:))

  30. Gabriela M. says:

    Super nice workout🌝🌝🌝

  31. We are doing this workout with a bf from Voicely. It's hard, but I hope we can do it :3 Thx for the training program

  32. That's a quick one…
    Love the routine…❤️…can u plz make a long workout like 40 min with breaks….I think it should be easy to have a break like 10 seconds to move to next exercise

  33. Саша says:

    We study the Cossack masterliness of energy management. The mystical practice of the Cossacks-characterniks.
    This practice will make you an energetic enforcer – a healthy, strong, hardy, attractive, successful person……

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