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Resistance Band Workout for Beginners [A 10 Minute Workout with Marin]

Just got your Fit Simplify resistance loop bands? Take them out of the package and try this resistance band workout for beginners …

36 thoughts on “Resistance Band Workout for Beginners [A 10 Minute Workout with Marin]

  1. What would you recommend to replace jumping jacks? I got the resistant bands to recover post car accident. My left knee was deeply damaged.

  2. I’m an ambulant wheelchair user and these exercises are just what I have been looking for. Because I have to pace myself, I do 1 set of each breakfast, lunch and dinner and I am starting to feel a difference. The only thing I would say I would personally want is an alternative to the star jumps.

  3. gamal samy says:

    Thought they'd be easy. But no, they're engaging. I have one question though. If I want to increase the load, move to the next color band or increase repetitions?

  4. Jillene Luce says:

    I always "resisted" any type of workouts – although I do love to ride my bike, dance and do yoga. the whole workout thing looks so tedious – any way of making this exercise like a dance? I've been told I really need to get stronger for now and for getting older.

  5. Great beginner workout!

  6. Good video. Easy exercises. If you could add description and time/counting would be nice. (I don't use headphones at the gym and would relay on theese.)

  7. Tea min says:

    is it normal for my shoulders to crack everytime i do this…?

  8. Peter Piper says:

    i will do this while walking

  9. no says:

    my light is feeling like extra extra heavy

  10. Eva Bejar says:

    I received as a gift this workout bands, and I didn't know how to use it, finally I found this wonderful program to use it correctly, and I fall in love doing it, after being ill for a long time, trying to get back to my exercises, but first I need to strengthen my weak muscles using the light band, it is fantastic! I feel very happy about it. Thank you!

  11. melan12027 says:

    This was great! Thank you

  12. Louie G says:

    I understand this is for beginners, but taking these muscle groups through what seems to be much less than 50% range of motion isn't gonna do much for anyone.

  13. Rits says:


  14. What a great video exactly what I was looking for. Thank you soo much. Perfect for seniors.

  15. I wish we could do it WITH you instead of being told to pause and do it by ourselves.

  16. Sondry Behn says:

    Thanks for a good workout!😍

  17. Karen Wright says:

    Thanks! Got some bands for Christmas and now I know how to use them::)

  18. Love your video. Very easy to follow

  19. This is so good! Thank you!!!

  20. This makes me optimistic about how well I would do as a chef. And

  21. Love these exercises! Thank you!

  22. Great little workout. Perfect for short on time situations, hotel room/travel situations or just getting back to being more active!
    Thank you!!

  23. BeMe33 says:

    Thanks for this gem workout ❤ I am rehabbing and needed an on-the-go workout that I could do anywhere! Bands are the best!!

  24. Dmarie says:

    What’s happened? Her last video was 4 years ago. And I just discovered this channel, that’s a bummer! I’m needing exercises that work my thigh muscles, getting older & I’ve noticed my thigh muscles are getting soft.

  25. Annie Yue says:

    Thank you for the excellent video!

  26. JMac says:

    I just ordered the bands and can’t wait to get started! I’m curious if the bands come with instructions as to the lighter vs harder bands?

  27. Ali Syed says:

    Wish this channel was still active. The content is awesome 👌

  28. goddessqueen says:

    Thanks so much for this , I was going crazy to find a video like this one 💪🥰

  29. Freddy L says:

    Thanks for this!!!

  30. amazing thanks alot! just wondering hoe many times a week can we do this as beginners? is 3 times a week good?

  31. Snooze00 says:

    There tiny resistance bands this is useless.

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