How Your Bones Change With Exercise

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33 thoughts on “How Your Bones Change With Exercise

  1. N G says:

    What about swimming?

  2. garzz58 says:

    Thanks for the added motivation for exercising.

  3. King.D says:

    Calisthenics athletes and professional gymnast must be having the strongest bones especially professional gymnasts specialized in still rings 💪

  4. Trombonebone says:

    Osteoblasts vs Osteoclasts:

    One disagreement on interior bone decorating has snowballed into a ceaseless, generational feud, where each sect races to complete their vision, while simultaneously sabotaging the efforts of the opposition.

  5. Would that be the reason why I hear people saying calisthenics is the best thing an average person can start doing? I've heard it does wonders

  6. so if I jump off a box and slowly increase the height overtime I could jump off a building and be fine? 😮

  7. Hardware Unboxed music

  8. Kris Deagle says:

    People with trypophobia going to hate this video.

  9. selection says:

    His teeth are kinda unsettling srl

  10. You mention about biking being good for bone density, but there is a lot of literature on the internet about this not being the case and how people who bike, especially the ones who bike a lot of issues with bones, osteoporosis. Do you mind double checking this from your perspective?

  11. Sachin Pujar says:

    bro stop bending the bone it hurts my mind

  12. Robotics says:

    Are those dead bodies lying there behind you?

  13. Rhys S. says:

    As a scoliotic spine owner this makes me wonder if there's a chance for improving even something as demanding as a spine… Would you ever make a video on exercises like this for scoliosis? To strengthen the bones on one side only? (I'm talking moderate-severe scoliosis but still the one that gets to exercise, not the surgery kind. I have severe scoliosis but am completely mobile and can lift.)

  14. ZERO says:

    "Why boners need excercise"

  15. I don’t like watching you bend a mummies arm

  16. MDZMZM says:

    Are those bodies behind you?

  17. I got my father lifting weights at the age of 76 and weighing 74kgs . He can now do 5 reps of 100 kgs deadlifts after 10 months in the gym. Next up is getting him to squat a barbell , he’s got Bulgarian split squats and goblet squats down perfectly . I don’t give him the barbell to bench but dumbbells instead due to old shoulder problems .
    He has noticed a huge difference in how much easier things are to do in general life and doesn’t fear what a fall can do to him as much .

  18. — "Welcome to Hardware Unboxed"

  19. Bruce Lee says:

    What happens with bones if you have something like titanium leg pin? Should activities destroy bones by old age in this case?

  20. Just quick to the main point, does it mean I Can grow taller at any ages?

  21. Ripti Das says:

    Does yoga effects as excercise ?

  22. PyroArq says:

    Drinking milk will not increase your bone density like they make it sound. Iykyk

  23. I feel down onto hard solid concrete floor. Taking damage on my right knee joint. It only took a few months to fully heal. 😎

  24. My mom telling me my bones “can’t take the strain of lifting”

  25. Beck Amodeo says:

    i heard spinach has a compound called beta-ecdysterone that has performance enhancing effects on vertibrates but has nothing to do with androgens or androgen receptors. instead it has something to do with estrogen beta receptors which may have something to do with the bone density aspect but from personal experience, I have gained both muscular size and muscular strength while megadosing spinach powder for a few months consistently and then a few years less consistently. I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts on this.

  26. Doge says:

    I did not expect that in your video ea 10.30 there will be a place where I trained most of my life)) This is Hydropark in Kyiv

  27. Bill says:

    I wish you would've gone into more detail on why and how the osteoblasts/clasts respond to pushing/pulling forces

  28. jesusislord says:

    I can't watch this idk why it makes me want to puke 🤢 😂

  29. Excellent & informative video as usual! 🙌 QUESTION: wouldn’t low weight & high reps serve a similar function given that force is a function of time and mass?

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