Healthy Eating

How to eat a heart-healthy diet

Tips for heart healthy eating, from registered dietitians in Sunnybrook’s Schulich Heart Centre.

24 thoughts on “How to eat a heart-healthy diet

  1. Jose Salas says:

    My dad is 101 years old and soon to be 102 on May 7, 2023. His anemia levels go up and down, and he feels cold. The doctor told me to give him healthy heart meals and prescribed him Ferrous and olic acid pills.

  2. Saad Mughal says:

    Thanks for providing a great start!! I've always been looking for this kind of info – Also I'm using loosebellyfatchallenge and it's useful and and helps a lot. Thanks:>

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  4. Nicholas says:

    This is old 1980s advice, fat is satiates which leads to eating less, feeling satisfied with your meal also enjoyment factor, low fat diets leads to over eating carbs and more likelihood of binge eating from craving fat. Also most low fat foods are typically low in fat high in sugar which is counterintuitive.

    Having traveled the world in countries that are not Western, their views of fat are far different than our own, they use lard, ghee, tallow for cooking. Remember oil comes from plants, fat comes from animals. Processed oils should never be used or at least moderation. Fat from healthy animals enjoy 😉 they are packed full of fat soluble vitamins. We create cholesterol in our bodies but we need it also from our diet for proper hormonal function. Low fat = fertility issues, dry skin, hormone problems, binge eating.. Butter makes everything better 😌 😋

  5. Canola oil? Really?

  6. Michael says:

    This information is extremely out of date. Carnivore or animal based diet is the only way

  7. Are you trying to destroy peoples health.
    You clearly don't know anything about the human health.
    Avoid these machine oils like canola etc.
    They are highly oxidized and will ruin your health for sure.

  8. Keegan Noel says:

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is the same diet people have bean pushing since the 50s and the obesity problem has only gotten worse. Education yourselves on the actual science.

  9. I am confused. You say food in cholesterol is not very related to the cholesterol in the bloodstream. However, you say you recommend eating scallops/shellfish because they are low in cholesterol. Do you mean they are low in fat?

    Also, what about the salt content of scallops? It seems pretty high.

  10. This is fantastic.

    What are some non-meat based protein options one can use? I have been using lentils so far.

  11. John Dyer says:

    I been dieting for 9 months. Lost 40 pounds. You would think I should feel really good. No. That's not what have. I feel worse. I have no energy or very little at best. I'm trying to prevent heart disease. I don't want to wait for something bad to happen before I change my ways so I'm dieting now for prevention. To be honest it's very difficult. It's a real drag to go grocery shopping and truthfully I often starve myself so I won't have to smell the good foods I want but can't have. It's a bummer.

  12. jumprope says:

    HO? 😁😁😁

  13. Simple go vegan.. Saves the cows heart too. 🙂

  14. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  15. Thank you for making this video and these food items are really beneficial and medicines from PLANET AYURVEDA is also awesome for giving relief from heart problems.

  16. My current diet is as followed ( as a180 weightlifting person)
    – I take hgh in the mor6when I wake up and fast 2 hours as the bottle says.
    – then either a shake or a lean meat to get around 30 grams of protein and lots of carbs and 2-3 fruits and veg
    – a big meal… a chicken breast, or a Tuna sand , maybe a lean burger patty or a steak with rice or while wheat bread and a veg
    – lifting ( before I eat a big handful raisins) then make a 50 gram protein shake, then I sip it throughout the workout…
    – ( after workout) I'll wait about 30 minutes then have about 40 grams of protein ( via chicken or beef) then lots of broccoli, 2 carrots and a potato.
    String cheese ( 2x)
    ( shake or leftovers to make up to 40 grams of protein)
    Is this healthy??

  17. I don't watch anything that's under 6 years old in hopes to actually get good advice

  18. Outdated bad information

  19. Questionable. Limit eggs? Eat low fat dairy? Avoid fat in meat? I dont think this is in line with the latest research findings.

  20. Good diet is a must for healthy heart. I would also recommend to take herbal supplements like Planet Ayurvda's Total heart support capsules.

  21. Heartless. Practice it.

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