How I Got The Best Sleep Of My Life With CBD

After seeing a clip from the Joe Rogan experience talking about how CBD can improve your sleep, I decided I wanted to …

39 thoughts on “How I Got The Best Sleep Of My Life With CBD

  1. Diose007 says:

    Simple Man, did you get the CBD at the drug store? Thank You.

  2. D LG says:

    Not all CBD is equal. Some are just isolated CBD and others are 'full spectrum' which means they contain all of the compounds present in the hemp plant. Full spectrum oil is FAR superior to isolated CBD due to the 'entourage effect' which is a fancy way of describing the huge health benefit of consuming all of these compounds together. On top of that, how the oil is extracted from the plant is just as important. Most brands use toxic solvents to extract the oil, while the highest quality brands use CO2 extraction. No matter why you use CBD, make sure you do your research and choose a brand and formulation that is high quality and safe.

  3. It's great to see this… I have also treated myself. Weedborn oils have helped me a lot.

  4. Cam Fratus says:

    Thank you for putting this video together, super helpful!! 🙂

  5. Farhan B. says:

    How much in cbd dose did you use??

  6. Anthony says:

    My partner noticed how better i looked waking up after i vaped darwins cbd juice. Easier to wake, more alert, no dark baggy eyes.

  7. M C says:

    Melatonin helped me. I haven't tried CBD oil/gummies and Lavender oil. I'll try that on my beard too. Is it safe to do it on your chest hair?

  8. I absolutely love your experiment . But placebo can be a factor . In general good habits and less stress can be wayyyy more improving

  9. Aleyum says:

    What products did you use?

  10. sword123 n says:

    Hi I was wondering if you were on minoxidil regime during this sleep test . Did it have any impact on your sleep health before & after ?

  11. marcinx89 says:

    great review. do you still use CBD?

  12. add pure encapsulations magnesium glycinate and get even more deep sleep

  13. I checked a lot of CBD oils. I think CBD from Weedborn is the best.

  14. mt says:

    what brand of oils didi you use ?

  15. If one gets NO sleep or really BAD sleep one's day will SUCK. Period. It's extremely important. Love those of whom say… " I don't need much sleep" !! No ! You're adjusted to sleeping badly like those who stay in BAD marriages.

  16. Toni Ma says:

    Is it safe for people over 75 to to take all three . And what are the best brands for cbd, melatonin, lavender?

  17. bigwats 12 says:

    Is this every night

  18. Carol Foster says:

    Question: Did you find using the cbd and melatonin that you were foggy in the morning? Considering trying this for my anxiety but some other reviews have said they were a bit groggy. Thank you for not doing this sponsored, makes it a bit more trustworthy

  19. Let's check Weedborn oils if you want to help yourself cheaper and better.

  20. Great video, but you also stopped getting up to pee… it’s not clear in the video what the impact was from that? Or did you stop getting up in every one of the cases (so they’re apples to apples)? In any case, not drinking two or three hours before bed is very important for good sleep.

  21. What a cool video!! I take melatonin and will add the lavender. CBD oil is a little expensive until I win the lottery. So never since I'm to tight to buy the ticket. Keep this stuff coming. It's all useful.

  22. T M says:

    What brand of CBD do you use?

  23. DANNY BRASCO says:

    Sleepin on the floor is amazing for the back

  24. DANNY BRASCO says:

    Try sleeping on the floor

  25. V says:

    omg mate, your hair looks much better compared to the video on did on that topic 6 months ago. Did you do something else or just continued with the laser treatment?

  26. DANNY BRASCO says:

    You are my inspiration. Thats what i want in life… To be a simple man.

  27. Doctor Nile says:

    How to lose face fat make video on it..✨Love From India🇮🇳🇮🇳Best Channel 😌

  28. Pete says:

    Helpful and interesting, good sleep is so important! Do you remember which Joe Rogan Podcast it was?

  29. Wow this is actually a pretty interesting video. I am glad I watched it.

  30. Jamie Seward says:

    Great vid mate. Ive been on cbd for a month now and my sleep has improved alot, i needed ear plugs to sleep as im a light sleeper and im finding i dont need them anymore because i sleep deeper on it plus i havent had a migraine since ive took it.

  31. EDrie says:

    Do you have any other socials?

  32. David says:

    I tried cbd at the age of 13 I think and it really worked. I literally slept for 9+ hours every time. But then one night I sleep walked and had a kind of a hallucination so I stopped taking it. Nowadays, 4 years later, I have big sleep issues but doubt that cbd is the reason.

  33. Rob Jorg says:

    dont do drugs man, before you know it you will using apple products.

  34. As a male you should probably avoid lavender oil because it is a known DHT blocker. At a minimum you should avoid putting it in the beard since that skin responds to DHT by creating hair.
    Overall though this is very interesting.

  35. Yehia Saber says:

    u da best simple man , thx

  36. U looking concentrated and freh

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