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Gentle Range of Motion Chair Exercises for SENIORS (Arthritis/Limited Mobility/True Beginners)

This is a gentle exercise class designed for seniors with limited mobility, or for true beginners. The entire routine is in the chair and …

20 thoughts on “Gentle Range of Motion Chair Exercises for SENIORS (Arthritis/Limited Mobility/True Beginners)

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  2. Ari Abonyi says:

    Loved it ,my Favkrite,,thank zYou,,,I h ave bad arthir.,bad knees,,You are helping a lot,,,thanm You,,,😍😍😍

  3. Pam Mitchell says:

    Thank you Jules! This longer one was wonderful! I love that I can modify some of the moves! You are awesome!

  4. Another great video while I’m recovering from overdoing it. Thanks!

  5. Alice Day says:

    We enjoy your classes

  6. E. De Lano says:

    These r great, I wish the music was louder 🙂

  7. This is just what I was looking for! Just turned 70 and was recently put on several heart meds. This is the beginning “speed” of exercise & stretch I wanted👍

  8. Thank you so much for making it easy and fun❤

  9. I really enjoyed the chair gentle exercises . They are easy and not painful.

  10. Thank you. I have spinal stenosis and severe nerve damage in no my legs. I love that this is something I can do

  11. Long Bui says:

    I have insomnia because side effect of medications. I need exercises that helps me to Sleep ell at night without taking sleeping pills. Any suggestions please. Excellent teaching techniques ❤

  12. Patty D says:

    Me and my mom (82)thought this video was perfect , for her current energy levels these days thank you.

  13. C Kindred says:

    Awesome! I just turned 70. I broke my ankle last year as well as showing arthritis and sciatica symptoms. These exercises are perfect and I am seeing positive results after only two workouts! Thank you for helping me to get moving again. I feel great!

  14. Debbie Moore says:

    Thank you. I’m 71, and broke my FIRST bone. My R distal fibula. Perfect fx….no surgery just cast. I’m 4 weeks in and getting depressed and sad I cant visit my 33 chickens. Today on facebook, I found a chart of daily chair exercises, tried a few, but really didnt work. Then I went to youtube, and scrolled down through the “buff guys” trying to be charming to us ol’ ladies😮….kept scrolling until I found your angelic face and voice. Thank you. What is your name so I can talk to you as you take me through these gentle exercises.

  15. great class; keep up great work

  16. I learned some moves! Very simple but very good stretches.

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