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Easy Protein Breakfast Ideas **You'll be shocked at these numbers!**

Easy high protein vegan breakfast recipes with 20+ grams of protein per serving! How to add more protein to your diet without …

33 thoughts on “Easy Protein Breakfast Ideas **You'll be shocked at these numbers!**

  1. NikkiVegan says:

    Important note: I'm not a nutritionist or expert. This video is just to help give you some ideas for how to add protein to your meals 😊 There are lots of ways to do this but I hope you find these breakfast recipes helpful! Sending you guys lots of love πŸ’š Nicole

  2. Mike Smith says:

    How many calories in that 21.6 g protein oatmeal. 500+? How much fat?

  3. Are the actual receipes (ingredient amounts) posted somewhere?

  4. Ela Dan says:

    This is high volume foodπŸ€” Would great to eat something small amount but in high level of proteins πŸ‘Œ

  5. Miguel says:

    What about calories?

  6. HappyDays says:

    Wonderful thanks. So interesting and looks yummy. Looking forward to trying. πŸ™β€

  7. Frankie says:

    I have made these several times now and they are great! Now I have starting using the zest of the lemon in addition to the lemon juice and it is sooo good

  8. Amandeepk__ says:

    This is the BEST video of high vegan protein breakfast on Youtube for real!!! I loved the fact you mentioned the protein quantity in each ingredient!! 😍😍 Could you please make more of these? πŸ’šπŸ’š

  9. Cello Cello says:

    Omnomnom, typing this while munching away on your first recipe, love it!

  10. Omg! Wow! Love your oatmeal recipes. Looks so healthy and delicious 😍

  11. Debbie Janos says:

    Just found your channel by researching high protein vegan breakfast. I've switched to vegan, plant base for last 6 months and I also workout in our home gym. I needed these kind of meals to filled my body. I am now a new follower, thank you. hugs

  12. ana ramirez says:

    I have heard that soy is not good ! I’m confused

  13. I’m sorry if I just missed it, but do you have the calorie breakdown of each recipe or just the protein amount?

  14. M A says:

    i am so happy you shared this. im going to try it!!! thank you!

  15. Thank you they all look good will try the chia and I will let you know!

  16. Wow just made the oatmeal and it was the best oatmeal I ever tasted!! Thank you so much and blessing!!

  17. sai man says:

    Didn't see a recipe or easy to read quantities anywhere

  18. cf says:

    A good educational video. I just fast forwarded through all that foolishness with the supplements. How absurd. But her content was just fine. Its just sad how its paired with these nonsense supplement commercials. so annoying. like swatting mosquito's.

  19. Love the recipes and the display is beautiful also, much of the ingredients here I can't eat due to Sibo, but I work around with different food types, keep safe

  20. L!ttlef0ot says:

    I just made the protein oats but added a scoop KOS blueberry muffin protein powder, now it’s over 30g protein combined. Used vanilla extract instead of almond and used almond butter with bananas and walnuts on top

  21. Holly Ross says:

    Hey Nikki I've just recently found your channel and I'm really enjoying it so far I love how you explain thing's and I'm transiting to a more plant based diet and your videos have helped me alot so Thankyou πŸ’•πŸ’•

  22. Please note.. it's okay to be sick.. it's okay to catch cold..and there's nothing to stress about.
    All you need is alil bit of rest and light yoga..
    I'm an Indian and I've been eating a vegetarian diet my whole life (I'm 16).. until I turned vegan ofcourse..
    And I do fall ill twice or thrice a year.. and it's totally normal

  23. Hope you don't become an ex vegan … Hope you're doin it right..

    HOPE you're not like other YouTube influencer 😳

  24. Ma Dam Plant says:

    Once again, fab!!

  25. Check the ingredients on Just Egg. Not healthy.

  26. Donna Yancy says:

    This just popped up for me and it’s awesome! I was just looking for other breakfast ideas. I’m tired of oatmeal!! I need to stay away from soy because of my thyroid pill so it’s awesome you give other options. I also add ground flax seed to my oatmeal as well as the other items you mentioned in this video.

  27. LM Martin says:

    Lots of great ideas! Thank you!

  28. I love your videos! Your recipes are so easy to follow and delicious! πŸ˜‹ Glad I found you. πŸ’•

  29. Can we lose weight eating just vegans? It has a lot of carbohydrates? I am confused because in keto they say carbs can make you fat😒 I love oates, fruits and all vegetables but I also want to put meat with the vegies to get protein

  30. Where can I find this just egg in Canada? Plz

  31. Just found your channel. I have severe nut allergies, and can only have peanuts and almonds and LOVE that you incorporate those and soy milk, alternatives etc, giving us options for high protein (instead of cashew milk, etc.)! Thank you, so glad I found your channel!

  32. G S says:

    Looks great!

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